Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Subway's Olive Overload

Subway may not be the brand touting the "have it your way" slogan (that's actually Burger King, according to Hook Agency). However, you have to admit that the sandwich chain does very much embody BK's catchy phrase. Since the opening of the first Subway restaurant in 1965, the brand has been known for serving "freshly made, customizable and affordable sandwiches" to customers (via Subway's website), who are given a wide assortment of meats, cheeses, sauces, and veggies to choose from when telling sandwich artists what they want on their subs.

According to a 2018 tweet from the restaurant, these fixings can be transformed into more than 4.9 billion sandwich combinations (though the massive menu changes Subway underwent last year may have affected that stat). Naturally, some of the combos are a bit more popular than others, and while we do not condone shaming anybody for the choices they make when building their Subway sammie, that's not to say there haven't been a few questionable customer requests made over the years, either.

Just last week, in fact, one Twitter account featured a particularly eyebrow-raising Subway order in a tweet that has generated some serious buzz. "Please lots of black olives on the CBR no amount is too much! Thank you [you're] awesome!" read the "special instructions" section of the receipt. An image of the finished sandwich revealed that the request was fulfilled — though we can't imagine the customer was expecting the olive overload that they got.

Twitter is torn over this olive-heavy Subway sandwich

There have been some strange Subway sandwich requests over the years, though we wouldn't say that asking for extra olives is one of them. However, considering the number of black olives that were piled on top of the Chicken Bacon Ranch featured in the October 13 tweet – which was significantly more than the typical six-count that Subway employees usually put on subs, and at least four times the 3-ounce daily serving that Healthline suggests — we'd have to argue that this sammie certainly errs on the side of cringe.

Several Twitter users seem to think so too, as evidenced not only by the 56% of "would not" votes the meal received in a follow-up survey tweet, but also by the number of negative responses the original post received. "This amount of olives should be illegal brah," Twitter user @liilave_ said of the finished sando, while another declared they would be "calling the police." Even Twitter user @Gummygoo2, who identified themselves as pro-olives, was put off by the meal. "I mean I love olives but there is an amount that is too much," they tweeted.

Despite all the hate, there were still a number of people on the other side of the argument, including Twitter user @emiliallure, who claimed the sub was actually in need of more olives. "GIVE ME THAT, NOW," quipped another on the app. To each their own, we guess.