This Viral Reddit Post Reveals Subway's Strangest Sandwich Orders

While Subway's long-time slogan is "Eat Fresh" rather than "Have it your way" (that one was already locked down by Burger King), a large part of their appeal is that they do allow you to customize your sandwich to some extent, as it is made right in front of you. This allows you, for example, to ask for extra onions, or skip the green peppers, or double down on both banana and jalapeño peppers.

It also allows you, if you are high-maintenance, demanding, or just plain goofy, to come up with some super-crazy orders that are bound to gross out your hapless sandwich artist. A recent thread on Reddit asking the question, "People who work at a subway/sandwich place, what is the strangest order you've ever had from a customer?" is currently blowing up, with nearly 63,000 views and over 15,000 comments at time of writing. Let's have a good giggle at some of the wackier sandwich creations.

You want what on that?

Some of the stories were about sandwiches that were just kind of...plain. Like, cheese and bread plain. Numerous stories revolved around excessive amounts of condiments (usually mayo). Some involved toasting to the point of charring, and a few involved freebies like the customer who'd "order two full bags of lettuce on his sandwich every day" and the customer who asked, "Can I get a sandwich with only bread?" and went on to explain "It's for a duck." (This customer was then comped the bread, because "Apparently at Subway ducks eat for free.")

Perhaps the nastiest Subway stories were the ones involving unholy mashups of sweet and savory. One worker told of a man who "asked me to toast a tuna sandwich, put extra pickles, and sprinkle 2 Splenda packages on top." Another spoke of a "meatball sub...[with]numerous veggies, 4 different sauces on it, and here's the kicker:...two chocolate chip cookies crumbled onto it." Odder yet, this wasn't the only cookie sub out there, since another customer once "ordered a foot-long turkey with everything and macadamia nut cookies on it. Then asked the worker to soak the cookies in oil and vinegar." One comment put the whole thread in perspective, though: "If I learned one thing from the thread, it's that my son's order of pepperoni on white bread with mayo and pickle is not all that strange." See there, weird eaters of the world (and parents of same, and hey, pregnant women, too), you are not alone!