The Taco Bell Emergency Burrito Stash That's Turning Heads

In recent years, it's become clear that having your own food supply is a fairly important part of modern life. Early on in the pandemic, people scrounged grocery store shelves around the world to stock up on products that would help get them through the unknown. According to UTHealth, food insecurity increased during the pandemic due to "rising levels of unemployment, poverty, and limited access to school nutrition programs because of school closures," with an estimated 14.8% of households in the United States facing some form of food insecurity.

Most recently, millions of people are trying to recover from the havoc wreaked upon communities in the southern part of the United States after Hurricane Ian whipped through them. Nonetheless, it's always a smart idea to have some sort of food supply stocked for yourself and your family to be better prepared for any future emergencies. And since fast food restaurants are located on almost every major street corner, why not make it easier for yourself and stock up on some cooked, easy-to-heat-up menu options from some of your favorite restaurants?

The ultimate frozen burrito stash

You never know when things might take a turn for the worse. For example, you might be tasked with eating $28-worth of Taco Bell in one sitting (per the Washington Post). But if you're instead wondering what you should stock your freezers with in case of a calamity, consider the strategy of one bold Redditor. Behold, the "emergency burrito stash." The author of the thread posted a photo of their "emergency burrito stash" that shows their freezer absolutely stacked with a few dozen Taco Bell burritos. The burritos are seen stacking the top of the freezer, merely wrapped and frozen in their original Taco Bell wrapping. "I eat 1-2 a day ... I stick them it in the microwave for 1 minute then air fry them for 5-10 minutes," wrote the original poster.

Of course, the rest of the Living Mas Reddit community had some words to say about the matter. "Why buy so many at once? And why store them like that? With nothing but the loosely wrapped wrapper between them and the freezer, they're constantly degrading at a more rapid rate. If you at least put them in a container or gallon freezer-safe bags of something, the quality would be maintained to a much greater degree!" advised one Redditor. "Doesn't sound like an emergency if 1 or 2 are eaten every day LOL," another person commented. Hey, if we opened up our freezer and saw all of those burritos in there, we'd have a hard time not eating them too.