The Viral TikTok Egg Sandwich That Received Bobby Flay's Thumbs-Up

Bobby Flay is all about promoting a helpful cooking hack if it makes for great and tasty food. Some examples include keeping on the skin of grilled onions and utilizing a food processor for easy, fresh pasta. However, there is also a number of things in the food industry he is distasteful of, including QR Code menus, which he stated were necessary during the peak of the pandemic, but did not compare to a paper menu. Flay has turned to social media platforms to share his opinions on such subjects.

Flay does not have a major TikTok presence of his own, compared to stars like Gordon Ramsay. However, he has been seen on the social media platform in the past, on accounts such as @madebynacho (which is dominated by content featuring his cat) and Food Network. One recent appearance he made was in response to this viral TikTok trick, which clearly received his stamp of approval.

Flay nodded along to an assembly video

The viral breakfast sandwich trend got a nod of approval from Bobby Flay when he dueted a video on the Food Network TikTok account. The hack consists of frying two slices of bread in a pan, before pouring an egg mixture over them. Then, after flipping the bread pieces — which now have the egg batter on top of them — cheese is sprinkled on top. The creation is then folded again, making a tasty breakfast sandwich with little assembly or mess.

Flay is nodding along for most of the video, but a few people took note of the chef's lack of words. One comment by @culinarymisfits, which received 22 likes in agreement, stated, "Somebody grabbed Bobby and said, just stand here and watch this video." Nonetheless, the television star and podcaster had stated in the past that brunch was his favorite meal, so perhaps Food Network fans might see him recreate this dish in the near future.