Every Cook Out Milkshake Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

Sometimes those dog days of summer really start to wear on you. The sun glares down relentlessly and you do everything you can to stay in the shade to find some sense of relief from the overbearing heat. When that happens, you need to shake things up a bit, and there's no better way to do that than to cannonball your mouth directly into a deliciously cold and refreshing milkshake. There's no amount of heat the summer can force on you that's not instantly alleviated by a huge gulp of that thick ice cream drink. Even if summer's officially over, a good milkshake can still hit the spot and bring back treasured memories of the season.

One spot that's known for serving up a whole slew of amazing milkshakes since 1989 is fast food restaurant Cook Out. Milkshakes aren't the only thing this place offers, too. Its menu boasts a good selection of burgers, barbecue, and hot dogs, but its huge array of shakes is certainly what people look to when they need a reprieve from the heat or just a tasty treat. 

But just because you'll have a baffling number of shakes to choose from on your trip to Cook Out doesn't mean you should fork over your money for just any old one. You wanna make sure that when you shake, you shake it right. So, if you're headed to Cook Out to snag a shake, here's our ranking of its core milkshake flavors from worst to best.

37. Banana Nut

Having nuts in a milkshake sounds like a recipe for a lovely textural contrast. You'll potentially get the creamy sweetness of the flavored shake plus a great crunch of nuts, all for an earthy flavor profile that offsets some of the sugar high any milkshake will bring. However, the Banana Nut shake at Cook Out does a very poor job of balancing these two ingredients. The banana flavor is definitely present, but there are so many crushed walnuts in the mix that the crunch is just plain overwhelming. Ultimately, you'll feel like you're eating a mouthful of walnuts with a little bit of milkshake. Save this flavor for actual banana bread.

36. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great flavor that can come into play in surprising ways, lending its unique combination of savory and sweet flavors to any number of amazing meals. So, you might be excited to hear that Cook Out offers a Peanut Butter shake for anyone who can't get enough of the stuff. However, the peanut butter flavor here is so overwhelming that it almost feels like you are drinking a jar of liquid Jiffy. Unless you are absolutely obsessed with super intense peanut butter flavor, you're better off skipping this one.

35. Peanut Butter Banana

Whenever you have two different flavor profiles in a shake, you obviously want the balance to work in your favor. You spent money on it, after all, so you do not want to be let down by a mix that's too much of one thing over another. Cook Out mixes the flavors of peanut butter and banana in its appropriately named Peanut Butter Banana shake, but the peanut butter completely overwhelms the sweetness of the banana. It all ends up as a peanut butter shake with only the slightest hint of banana flavor.

34. Double Chocolate

Chocolate is one of those beloved flavors that so many people absolutely adore. Ask them, and they'll tell you that chocolate is more than just a dessert: it's a way of life. For all those choco-holics out there, Cook Out offers a Double Chocolate shake. Sadly, those anticipating an absolutely roundhouse kick of chocolate flavor will be let down. While we can at least report that the chocolate flavor here isn't unappealing, it's a sad echo of what it could have been. Chocolate enthusiasts will probably want to grab an additional fix of the sweet stuff after they finish.

33. Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate and fruit are a great combination: just consider the popularity of chocolate-covered strawberries if you need any convincing. The eruption of bright sweetness from other fruits such as cherry helps to complement the floral, malty flavor of chocolate. Unfortunately, the Chocolate Cherry shake at Cook Out doesn't do such classic dessert combos any favors. The chocolate totally overpowers the cherry, which is a shame because cherries have such a wonderfully sweet taste. Opt for the actual dessert over this shake.

32. Peanut Butter Fudge

We think that peanut butter and fudge go together like strawberries and chocolate. When both flavors join forces, the sum of their parts is far greater than the individual ingredients — at least when it's done well. You may think as much before ordering the Peanut Butter Fudge shake at Cook Out, but you'll quickly find that these two flavors should operate alone, at least as far as the fast food chain is concerned. The issue here is that peanut butter doesn't really allow the fudge any room to shine, which is such a shame we missed that chocolate richness. Fudge deserves a bigger role in this shake.

31. Blueberry

Blueberries are like the popcorn of the fruit world. You can toss them back by the dozen, and each mouthful offers a wonderful burst of flavor not unlike what you might experience from a handful of buttery popcorn. Cook Out attempted to capture all the sweet delight of the fruit in its Blueberry shake. Yet, while the blueberry flavor is definitely present, it likely won't pack the same punch as what you may find in real, fresh blueberries. That's especially a shame because there are no other ingredients in the shake that overshadow its blueberry flavor.

30. Banana Berry

Fruit is the candy of the earth, so when it comes to milkshakes, you might as well mix and match a whole bunch of them in one to create a beautiful potpourri of flavors. Don't right, surely the mix will dance along your tongue and tantalize those eager taste buds. One of the shakes at Cook Out that attempts such a feat is the Banana Berry. Unfortunately, the banana steals the show away from the berry flavor. It ends up tasting like just a banana shake, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's just not what you want when you expect the flavor of berries, as well.

29. Banana Fudge

If you've ever enjoyed a banana split for dessert, then you already know that the drizzle of chocolate syrup on top makes the whole dessert totally worth it. So, you'd like to think the Banana Fudge shake at Cook Out packs the same delicious wallop. However, the fudge clouds much of the banana flavor. The imbalance between the fruit flavor and rich chocolate fudge makes this an option you probably want to pass, at least if you're looking for a balanced mix.

28. Choc Chip Mint

Anyone who's had a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie knows just how well chocolate and mint combine. The fresh burst of mint cuts through the sweetness of chocolate like a knife, leaving your palate more than satisfied. This is exactly what makes the Choc Chip Mint shake at Cook Out kind of a bummer. There's way too much of the chocolate flavor and very little of that cooling mint freshness that twirls among it like a deliciously cold ballet dancer. Instead, this one falls flat.

27. Chocolate Nut

There's a ton of chocolate candy that includes nuts, which add another level of flavor as well as textural crunch to enhance the whole experience. Cook Out offers customers a Chocolate Nut shake with the intention of giving them the wonderfully thick richness of chocolate and the great crunch of chopped walnuts for a delightful mouthfeel. We'll give credit where it's due: this shake doesn't skimp on the nuts or the chocolate. Yet, you still feel like as if something is missing. Perhaps additional flavors like caramel would help to elevate this otherwise ho-hum milkshake into something truly memroable.

26. Banana Pineapple

When you're feeling extra tropical, reaching for some fresh pineapple will surely whisk you away to a gorgeous island getaway where the stress is minimal and the environment is jaw-dropping. So, when the urge to get your tropic on hits, you might as well snag yourself a Banana Pineapple shake from Cook Out, right? Well, not necessarily. Yes, the banana flavor is present, but that exotic taste sensation of the pineapple is strangely weak. This milkshake simply doesn't give off those "island life" vibes you might have been hoping for.

25. Mocha

When the morning hits, the first thing so many of us grab for is a cup of coffee to kick our energy levels into high gear. That way, we're ready to tackle whatever the day throws at us. But, if you want to kick that early morning drink up a couple levels, adding a bit of chocolate and some extra suggar is a great move. That way, you'll get a little boost of sweetness to make your morning smile all the wider. The Mocha shake at Cook Out infuses both those flavors into one creamy drink that tastes much more like mocha than coffee. That might work for some who don't love the taste of coffee but still want a hint of it to complement the chocolate flavor. For others, this shake just isn't quite balanced.

24. Choc Chip Cherry

Wait, we've already talked about a Chocolate Cherry shake from Cook Out. How can this option be any different? That's a perfectly valid question. However, Cook Out's Choc Chip Cherry shake does a much better job of balancing the chocolate and cherry flavors in its recipe. However, although the cherry flavor is definitely prevalent, you may still wish that it was a little more intense. For true lovers of cherry, this milkshake may still be a disappointment.

23. Peach

If you find yourself drifting off into a Georgia state of mind, one thing that's definitely dancing through your thoughts is a vision of fresh, plump peaches falling from some trees. Cook Out offers a Peach shake meant to help you drift off to that sort of place. The result does a pretty decent job, though peach lovers might want a harder punch of the fruit. Still, this shake packs enough sweetness to satisfy anyone looking for peach flavor without having to actually eat the fruit.

22. Chocolate Malt

Malt can be a polarizing flavor. Made from barley (via GoBarley), it can taste sweet and nutty, bringing out notes of toast, coffee, and raisins. Cook Out's Chocolate Malt shake manages to rope in a malt flavor that's never too powerful, so even those who might shy away from the unique taste probably won't feel as if they wasted their money. The chocolate dominates the experience, but there's still enough malt flavor to please most malt cravers.

21. Walnut

Walnuts have a mild flavor profile, but most will argue that they have just enough flavor to make them thoroughly enjoyable in all manner of treats. The Walnut shake at Cook Out strives to capture the subtle taste of walnuts and manages to do them proud. The flavor and texture of the nut come through pretty well in this milk shake, though the somewhat shy base flavor may leave some milkshake fans unimpressed.

20. Red Cherry

Cherries are a dessert favorite, to say the least, with bursts of sweet, red juice that's won many fans. Cook Out offers a Red Cherry shake that's chock full of cherry flavor and even little bits of cherries to enhace the taste and textre. Fans of cherries will definitely enjoy this shake, but they might wish that there were more bits of cherry in the mix to amp up the flavor. If you like the taste of cherry, this is a solid option, even if it falls short of greatness.

19. Cappuccino

When a morning coffee just won't do the proper job of getting you stoked for the hours that lie ahead, a cappuccino just might swoop in and do the heroic deed other caffeinated drinks just can't. Plus, you feel so much fancier when you order a cappuccino. The word alone sounds pretty bougie, and who doesn't want to start their morning off in the fanciest way possible? The Cappuccino shake at Cook Out almost gets you there. While it may not be entirely appropriate for an early morning drink (unless you really need a huge sugar rush to start your day), it does taste enough like a cappuccino to scratch that itch when it strikes. So long as you like coffee in your milkshake — and not everyone does — you may enjoy this one.

18. Heath Toffee

Even though toffee can often get stuck in your teeth, it may be worth the extra brushing later, becuase it's just so darn delicious. The Heath Toffee shake at Cook Out mixes rich chocolate flavor with the taste of English toffee. The result is a delicious shake that balances out both flavors well. That said, we think this shake could benefit from a heavier dose of toffee, given that it's a more unique flavor than chocolate. With toffee taking a backseat, this shake isn't as exciting as it could be.

17. M&M's

M&M's candies are one of those universally known sweets that are impossible to mistake for anything else. M&M's are clearly here to stay, so perhaps that's why Cook Out offers up an M&M's shake full of chocolate flavor and M&M's. Not only do you get a rich shake, but you get to chow down on pieces of your favorite candy. Anyone who even remotely likes chocolate flavor or the candy won't be disappointed. So long as you like the crunchy texture of the chocolate candies in this mix, you'll be glad you ordered this shake.

16. Fresh Banana

While bananas may be packed full of the same juicy flavor as a cherry or blueberry, we think that they're still delicious. It's nice to get a good dose of potassium and other nutrients while you're at it, too (via Harvard Health). The Banana shake at Cook Out is infused with strong banana flavor and benefits from a creamy texture. Of course, this is a shake, so maybe don't look to this for a solid source of potassium. Still, if it's a yummy banana-flavored treat you want, this shake won't let you down.

15. Strawberry

Strawberry picking is one of those activities that truly brings in the warm weather of the spring. Plucking those plump, ripe strawberries off the vine is cause for excitement when you consider the feast you'll enjoy later on. The Strawberry shake at Cook Out has a wonderful red color full of strawberry flavor and bits of strawberries that recall that experience. If you're a strawberry fan and maybe want to recall those strawberry patch memories, give this shake a try.

14. Peach Cobbler

If you're throwing a dinner party and you pop a warm peach cobbler on the table after everyone's finished with dinner, you better believe people are gonna be stoked. The warm sweet peaches combined with the flaky biscuit topping makes for one heck of an amazing dessert. The Peach Cobbler shake at Cook Out does a solid job of capturing the flavors of the sweet after-dinner treat. The peach flavor is powerful, complemented by a buttery flavor that mimics the flaky biscuit crust. It's a unique flavor that won't be to everyone's taste, but fans of peach desserts will want to give it a go.

13. Banana Pudding

Who doesn't love a bowl of freshly-made pudding, with its silky texture that plays so well on the palate? Every bite is soft and rich and keeps you coming back for spoonful after spoonful until you're scraping the bottom of the bowl. So, if you like banana and pudding, you should definitely give the Banana Pudding shake at Cook Out a try. Not only does it contain a great punch of banana flavor, but the shake is extra silky, giving each sip smooth texture — though some may wish for the crunch of nuts or other add-ins.

12. Vanilla

When it comes to life, you never want anything to feel vanilla. But when it comes to milkshakes, sometimes plain old vanilla is the way to go. Looking at the huge variety of unique milkshakes at Cook Out can feel overwhelming, but if you want to skip the decision-making stress and go for something basic yet pretty delicious, order up the Vanilla shake. It's super thick with a wonderfully fresh vanilla flavor, though of course it's also pretty simple. You probably don't want a vanilla existence, but you may very well want this vanilla shake.

11. Pineapple

When you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a stressful day, you might find yourself wondering why the world can't just sweep you off your feet and drop you onto a tropical island where you can soak up the sun, dance to some tunes, and enjoy great food. Sadly, the world tends not to treat us so kindly, but that doesn't mean we can't pretend. Cook Out's Pineapple shake is a great way to capture the powerful flavor of pineapple in a thick, sweet drink. The tiny pieces of pineapple in the shake will make the pineapple lovers amongst you truly happy.

10. Caramel

If you order a dessert and you're offered a drizzle of caramel on top, you take it every time. Why wouldn't you want that sweet buttery flavor? Cook Out serves up a Caramel shake that does a great job embodying the richness of caramel, but without the super intense hit of sugar. The caramel flavor in this shake is mellowed out a bit, which may be pleasing for someone whose sweet tooth doesn't demand bucketloads of sugar.

9. Caramel Fudge

When it comes to mixing and matching sweet flavors, we believe that caramel and fudge are besties 'til the end. The richness of fudge and the buttery nature of caramel is nothing short of a match made in heaven. With that sort of wind at its back, it's not all that surprising that Cook Out dishes out a Caramel Fudge shake that combines both flavors into an amazing one-two punch of thick, rich ice cream. Neither flavor overpowers the other, exactly, though it's really the caramel that steals the show.

8. Snickers

In a Snickers bar, chocolate, nougat, caramel, and peanuts all join forces for a sweet experience full of great flavors and textures. If you love the candy bar, then there's no reason not to try the Snickers shake at Cook Out. Cook Out does a great job of encapsulating all of the disparate parts of the candy into a single drink. Ultimately, this tastes quite a bit like you're drinking a Snickers. The salted peanuts also add a nice textural element that helps to cut through the sugary shake.

7. Reese's Cup

No Halloween candy bag is truly complete without at least a few packages of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The chocolate disks filled with creamy peanut butter hit all the right notes in a symphony of rich tastes. Even if Reese's isn't your favorite candy, you should still do yourself a favor and try the Reese's Cup shake at Cook Out. Combining peanut butter and chocolate doesn't necessarily mean that the result will taste like a Reese's Cup, but we think that Cook Out nails it, even if the result is a bit rich for some people's tastes.

6. Hershey's Chocolate

All hail Hershey's! You can hardly have a conversation about chocolate without mentioning Hershey at least once. Milton Hershey created an absolute empire of chocolate and much of the world thanks him for it. But how does it all stack up in a shake? Ordering the Hershey's Chocolate shake at Cook Out might seem like a waste when there are so many other, more complex options on the milkshake menu. But trust us: this is one chocolate shake you'll remember. It's surprisingly rich and makes you feel like you're chomping into a Hershey's bar. If you live for chocolate and chocolate alone, be sure to order this one on your next Cook Out visit.

5. Butterfinger

In the words of Bart Simpson, "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!" If television's biggest cartoon troublemaker demanded that everyone stay away from his chocolate-coated, peanut butter-infused snack, it must be good, right? The Butterfinger shake at Cook Out takes everything Bart Simpson loved about the candy bar and makes it drinkable. The peanut butter here doesn't taste like the richer stuff that comes from a jar, however. It's much sweeter, which plays against the mellow chocolate flavor well so long as you've got a dedicated sweet tooth.

4. Oreo

Anytime someone brought a fresh box of Oreo cookies home from the supermarket was a great day. These chocolate cookies with the rich cream center are perfect for dunking into milk, whether you prefer to disassemble the parts and eat the filling first, or just dunk the whole cookie into the glass at once. 

If you loved maneuvering your way through a box of Oreos as a child, then you'll likely want to relive that nostalgia in drinkable form. The Oreo shake at Cook Out is sweet and creamy, for starters. And of course it comes with little chocolate pieces of Oreos floating in the mix. The cookie bits aren't in abundance, though, which may leave some Oreo fanatics a bit disappointed.

3. Cheesecake

After you've eaten a heavy meal, cheesecake may not immediately sound like the best choice, given that it's often super dense. But, that doesn't mean it's not still astoundingly delicious, with tangy cream cheese and a delicate, crumbly crust that adds the perfect textural contrast to the smooth filling. The Cheesecake shake at Cook Out packs all the dense sweetness of the dessert into one heavy drink. You might need a friend to help take down this amount of richness, but if you're a fan of cheesecake, then it's totally worth the tag team effort.

2. Orange Push-Up

One of the most fun desserts you could have as a kid was quite likely an orange push-up pop. With the help of a plastic plunger, you moved creamy sherbet ice cream up a cardboard cylinder — and you felt powerful doing it. Now, as an adult, you might feel a little silly walking around pushing sherbet through a colorful cardboard tube, but you definitely won't feel silly kicking back the Orange Push-Up shake at Cook Out. All the silky orange flavor of the handheld sherbet treat is stuffed into one cup. Embrace your inner child and order this. You definitely won't regret it.

1. Oreo Mint

You might look at an Oreo cookie and think that there's nothing you can do to this cookie to make it any better. It has everything it needs, after all. Well, think again. Cook Out offers an Oreo Mint shake, and this, friends, is one mind-blowing experience. This shake is extra creamy and you can really taste that Oreo cream flavor. There are bits of the chocolate cookie drifting throughout the cup, but it's that wallop of mint flavor that brings things to a celestial taste dimension. The mint takes both the vanilla cream and chocolate cookie pieces under its wing and elevates them both to a level that will leave your taste buds crying tears of joy.