Ryan Unger

Photo of Ryan Unger
Union City, NJ
SUNY Oneonta
Sushi, Burgers, Condiments
  • Ryan comes from a food-obsessed family. His brother is a chef, his father attended the Culinary Institute of America, and he worked in several NYC restaurants alongside incredibly talented chefs.
  • He spent two years writing NYC restaurant reviews for the site NYC Food 'n' Festivities.
  • He published a book of poetry available online titled "A Gross Conglomeration of Disgusting Characters."


From as early as he can remember, Ryan's sought out every opportunity to expand his palate. He loved introducing friends and family to unique cuisines and always keeps an eye out for awesome new recipes. He spent two years as a NYC restaurant reviewer, where he was treated to some of the most memorable dishes he's ever eaten. When he's not seeking out a juicy Wagyu steak or a rich bowl of Tonkatsu ramen, he writes comedic poetry, and you can purchase his book titled called "A Gross Conglomeration of Disgusting Characters" online. He's also a certified Dudeist priest and has the documentation to prove it.


Although Ryan's time at SUNY Oneonta didn't include lots of writing courses, it provided a creative roadmap that eventually led to his passion for the written word.
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