Oreo Just Teamed Up With Microsoft For This Fun 'Bite-Sized Break'

If you're old enough to recall a time when you had to change the television channel by hand, you can also recall a time when Oreos only had two basic offerings. There was the standard Oreo cookie, and then there was the Double Stuf, which had more filling (though it wasn't actually double the stuff). You could dunk these in milk, and maybe add some peanut butter or marshmallow fluff if you wanted to get exciting — but that's as many choices as there were.

These days Oreo likes to get weird. There are not only thin Oreos, for people who, for some reason, want more cookie and less icing, but there's also Mega Stuf, for the folks who understand that only more icing can solve all their problems. Then there's the dozens of new Oreo flavors, which seem to be constantly changing. Plus, Oreo has begun making some unusual partnerships in order to help keep milk's favorite cookie from getting too stale.

Giant Freakin Robot, the New York Times of websites named after large mechanized creations, reports on the Oreo and Pokemon partnership that caused controversy over worker rights. Then there was the Game of Thrones intro (via YouTube) featuring the cookies rendered in a spellbindingly delicious dance. Now, Oreo is making another unnatural association as it partners with Microsoft to offer workers a "bite-sized break."

Oreo and Microsoft introduce Thinvite, which sets aside a special thin Oreo break time

The partnership between Oreo and Microsoft was first announced through a Twitter post inviting people to "sign up for THINVITE, a 15-minute calendar hold" with a link to the Oreo website. Clicking through that link allows you to sign up with your name and email address to get your calendar blocked from 2pm to 2:15pm ET on November 1st through the 3rd. You'll also be given a link to a Microsoft Teams event each of those days, which will include a "playful workplace-themed video."

The same page also has the option of ordering up a free "OREO THINS Snack Break Expansion Cookie Pack," which was mentioned in another Twitter post. This pack includes free cookies along with a special dipping clip for holding them in milk without getting your fingers slightly damp. That's a lifesaver if milky fingers were ruining your existence. The only issue with these free cookies and dipper is that you'll have to spend $3.95 for shipping — unless you order a total of $75 worth of merchandise to qualify for free shipping.

While this seems like a fun promotion, not all the commenters were on board. "Do you people know how BAD these cookies are for you??!!" asked one person. Another wanted to make them slightly healthier, perhaps, as they asked, "can u make one without icing ??" Oreo, thus far, has responded to neither.