The 'Kirkland' Outlet Store That May Or May Not Be Legit

Costco's Kirkland Signature brand is a major selling point for the membership-only retail giant. From bulk toilet paper to swimsuit trunks and just about everything in between, Kirkland has you covered. Unlike most generic brands, Yahoo reports that many of Kirkland's items are manufactured by name-brand giants. As it turns out, Kirkland's double A batteries are just Duracell in disguise. And their coffee grounds? Well, that's Starbucks. Kirkland offers Costco customers high-quality goods at lower prices than big-name companies. You gotta love it!

In fact, everyday consumers love the brand so much that a small town in Canada has built a standalone Kirkland outlet post that's not connected to Costco. For fans of the brand, a small store that offers all things Kirkland is a dream come true. However, members of the subreddit r/Costco are questioning the legality of it all after an excited customer posted a photo of the storefront. After all, how can a retailer officially named Bayberry Lane get away with selling items intrinsically branded for and by Costco?

The boutique shop features Kirkland Signature clothing

According to the Bayberry Lane Facebook page, the boutique gift shop sells home goods, knick-knacks, and even some high-end apparel like Doc Marten boots. They recently took to their social media page with a photo of their Kirkland outlet. Less of an outlet store and more of an outlet nook, the area appears to be filled exclusively with Kirkland Signature clothing and apparel.

According to Reddit, this is likely an illegal practice. One confused person added the comment "I'm surprised they're allowed to use the name/logo if they're not owned by Costco" to which another person replied "they're not. They just haven't been caught yet." However, another user added that a franchise as large as Costco isn't likely concerned with a small-town boutique turning over a few Kirkland items.

As it turns out, there isn't a Costco for many miles near Charlottetown. In fact, citizens of the small town would have to leave the province entirely just to enjoy the luxuries of shopping at the wholesale retailer. While Bayberry Lane's Kirkland outlet may not be entirely legal, at least its shoppers are getting a taste of Kirkland's excellence.