TikTok Is In Stitches Over Guy Fieri Calling Eggs 'Liquid Chicken'

What came first, the chicken or the liquid chicken? When the Food Network shared a video of Guy Fieri's takedown of the egg it prompted a heated discussion on TikTok. Guy Fieri received mixed reactions to his stand against eggs, but it is pretty mild compared to some of Fieri's other controversies. He has been outspoken about his dislike of eggs for years, which some may find surprising considering that he has eaten Grasshopper Tacos on his show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives."

"Multiple experiences turned me against eggs," Fieri said, "They're super critical in cooking as a matter of fact I use them all the time."

Fieri even keeps chickens on his farm since he is into sustainability (per My Recipe). He just doesn't enjoy eating eggs on their own and said in the TikTok video that he doesn't like the appearance or texture of scrambled eggs. He even called eggs "liquid chicken."

Grab some popcorn because TikTok commenters are divided about whether eggs are, in fact, "liquid chicken."

TikTok's reaction to Guy Fieri's stance on eggs

In classic TikTok fashion, the comments contained a lively debate. One TikToker agrees, "OMG I say the same thing about eggs !!!!! liquid chicken." Another commented, "I try to explain this to people and they don't get it!" However, the egg lovers on the thread disagreed. "I love them," said one fan. Another commented, "Eggs are quite possibly the world's greatest food."

Some were a little more ambivalent, expressing that they only like eggs prepared in certain ways. A TikToker commented, "I only like deviled eggs and loaded omelets." Another said, "Don't like scrambled or omelets. But love poached and over easy. I'm weird lol." Others wanted to know why Fieri hates eggs so much. One fan asked, "Who hurt you, Guy?"

In 2018, Fieri told My Recipe that he had a couple of negative experiences with eggs in his formative years. First, he ate a fertilized egg containing a "whole chicken" inside and later ate a hard-boiled egg with a "chalky yolk."

If you are unsure whether you enjoy eggs, you may want to make sure you aren't making one of the common mistakes many people make when cooking with eggs.