Samantha Sied

Alexandria, VA
Oregon State University
Food, Craft Beverages, Consumer Technology, Travel
  • Samantha has written short event announcements, travel guides, recipes, tech tutorials, and long-form profiles.
  • She previously worked in the events and hospitality fields in event planning, logistics, and social media marketing roles. She appreciates the role food plays in life's best moments. Great food can elevate a mundane meeting or gathering into an experience to remember.
  • Always experimenting with new recipes or trying restaurants, Samantha loves simple no-cook recipes such as smoothies and salads. She's still working on creating the perfect Caprese salad or avocado smoothie bowl.


Samantha writes features, profiles, and short news articles for regional and online publications. She previously worked in the event and hospitality fields where she developed an appreciation for the role food has in creating memories and life's best experiences. In addition to writing food and lifestyle content, she enjoys dancing, yoga, attending boutique workout classes, reading, traveling, and exploring.


Samantha values her liberal arts education, as it gave her space to develop research and writing skills while exploring the world of ideas.
Stories By Samantha Sied