The Underrated Fall Spice For Coffee, According To TikToker Morgan Eckroth - Exclusive

Coffee is a right of passage for many people who are unable to get through their day without at least one cup. According to Yahoo Finance, women alone spend about $2,327 per year on coffee — call us crazy, but that's at least a month's worth of rent in our minds. And if you are a superfan of the caffeinated drink, then you might also be a big fan of TikToker Morgan Eckroth, who has wowed the coffee world (or at least a current 5.5 million followers) with her champion barista skills.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Eckroth disclosed how she really feels about pumpkin spice lattes (she approves!), iced coffee in the winter, and what it was like to compete in both the U.S. and World Barista Championships, in which she placed second in the world with the Onyx Coffee Lab team. If you're looking for some new tips on how to make hot coffee at home, Eckroth has you covered on that too. The "friendly internet barista" revealed exactly what fall spices you need in your next coffee cup.

Eckroth says you should use cardamom and nutmeg

Morgan Eckroth told Mashed she is "a huge fan of the incorporation of baking spices into coffee" and that she treats herself with one or two pumpkin spice lattes every fall. She noted that the benefit of pumpkin spice is that it "includes all the baking spices," but of course, pumpkin spice isn't the only fall ingredient that's available during leaf-changing season.

Eckroth said, "Some [spices in coffee] that you don't see as much that are maybe a little bit more underrated would always be cardamom and nutmeg. Those two together with coffee [are] almost always delicious." The social media star explained that cinnamon is a good bet to add to your drinks as well, due to its "classic pairing with coffee."

According to Master Class, cardamom is in the ginger family and comes in two varieties: black cardamom or green cardamom. When it comes to putting it in coffee, ground cardamom is your best bet. Nutmeg — also best in ground form as a drink addition — has a warm, nutty flavor that will add an extra comforting taste to your coffee. Whichever spice you prefer, they are Morgan Eckroth-approved. Of course, you can always just get a regular pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks again. We never judge when it comes to fall coffee!

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