The TikTok That Proves Making McDonald's Fries Isn't As Easy As You Think

McDonald's is the world's fast food institution. With 38,000 locations spanning the globe, the golden arches exist everywhere from New York to New Delhi (per McDonald's). If you're in the states, your go-to order might be a Big Mac with an electrifying Sprite. If you're in Italy, you may opt for the tomato & mozzarella turnovers — because who doesn't love pocket food? Whatever your order is, there's one McDonald's menu item that remains an international fan favorite — french fries.

In fact, Insider reports that McDonald's french fries are the company's number one best-selling item of all time. Simply put, they're legendary. Crispy, sweet, salty, and infused with a signature flavor that you can taste just by thinking of them, there's a formula to making McDonald's iconic fries. Double-fried, cooked with beef flavoring, and seasoned with a specific amount of salt, the fries never sit for more than seven minutes at a time before being served. However, perfecting this careful science is no easy task, and McDonald's employees on TikTok are showing just how overwhelming it can be.

There's pressure to perfect McDonald's fries in a time crunch

TikTok user @the_0fficial_cj gives McDonald's customers an inside look at what working at the franchise is really like. His page is filled with daily back-of-house issues, difficult customers, and of course, struggles with perfecting those delicious french fries. In one recent TikTok, he posted a video of his co-worker racing against the clock to get the fries out in time. For the post's caption, he wrote, "POV when you're on break watching your co-workers struggle."

Other McDonald's employees ran to the comments to share their experience working the fry line. One user wrote, "Literally the only bad thing about fries is how hot it is, I be almost fainting." Some employees claimed that when a customer wants no salt, it's a draining process. Others chimed in about challenging time constraints at a busy location, which seemed to be the main issue on CJ's TikTok. However, he followed up the original post with a video of himself helping out his stressed co-worker despite being on break. Promotion for CJ!

Above all else, the TikTok is a testament to the underrated and often forgotten hard work that goes into getting a hot and fresh McDonald's meal in a timely manner.