Here's Why GBBO Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Syabira

Fans have watched "The Great British Bake Off" evolve over the years. The cast has grown more diverse; it's often touted as a cross-section of modern British society. Former "GBBO" contestant Michael Chakraverty wrote in a 2021 Metro essay that the show emphasizes "the normalization of a broad range of experiences." He adds that "reality television ... informs our understanding of the world around us and therefore has a responsibility to reflect a fair, tolerant, and inclusive environment."

Of course, the show isn't without its faults. There have been cringey moments, such Season 13's Mexican week, which saw the technical round feature a taco instead of one of the many traditional Mexican pastries available to the producers. The episode was derided by viewers as tone-deaf and culturally insensitive, notes The Guardian. There was also Japanese week, which viewers felt echoed "the racist stereotype that all Asian cultures are the same," as Insider put it.

Themed weeks aside, though, there are some contestants who are pushing the boundaries of experimentation and flavor — and the judges' palates.

The internet loves Syabira's bakes

Syabira Yusoff has won viewers over with her technical ability, creative bakes, and generally sunny personality. But "GBBO" judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith don't seem to appreciate Syabira's genius in the flavor department. Week after week, Syabira creates flavor combinations that leave the judges stumped. There was a sweetcorn cake (which Hollywood and Leith eventually came around to), satay macarons, and caramel bombs. After a steamed watermelon cake was deemed "too artificial," her melon mousse was lacking in flavor. But perhaps the judges "simply don't have the correct background to properly appraise Syabira's bakes," argues Decider

Judges aside, though, the internet is in love and has no problem defending her bakes; "GBBO" Twitter is positively smitten. And they're applauding her close friendship with fellow contestant Janusz, too. After Syabira clinched Star Baker this week, Twitter users were so happy that one tweeted, "Syabira winning and the tory going home in one episode? This was fighting for gay rights." Another tweeted, "SYABIRA COMING FOR THAT STAR BAKER SO HAPPY FOR HER."

Syabira will no doubt keep the judges on their toes — it seems their befuddlement can't dim her outlook.