The Most Karen Moment Ever Caught On Tape At A Wendy's Drive Thru

What is it about the retail and service industry that drives people to have such meltdowns? No doubt that you, a veteran user of the Internet, have heard the words "Karen" or "Kevin" before. These usually common names refer to the women and men who launch into what is commonly known as "absolute breakdowns" at retail and service-sector employees. Many theories abound as to why these people go into these complete tantrums in public. In fact, the Mayo Clinic supposes that these could be extreme cases of agoraphobia (or a fear and anxiety of being in social places), and Psychology Today suggests it's just a reaction to someone hitting a particularly sensitive nerve. Still, it is amazing to see just how far people will go over something as trivial as fast food.

In September, a New York City McDonald's was briefly terrorized by a disgruntled customer who, following an altercation, went on a rampage with a hatchet (via Newsweek). While some property was destroyed, the man was apprehended without the McDonald's turning into a literal chop shop. The Daily Dot also tells us that a woman harassed, insulted, and threw objects at Burger King employees all over a slightly delayed order in April. 

While most people who eat at fast-food places aren't exactly dangerous individuals, there are those who don't seem to care about whose lives their actions may endanger. In 2020, a particularly upset customer attacked a Wendy's in Tampa, Florida — and it all happened in the drive-thru lane.

One man attempted to rob a Wendy's following a disagreement

While Karens both female and male may get upset over their orders, it normally results in nothing but an embarrassing video that people rage-click on. However, for one Wendy's location in Florida, a disagreement over an order led to a very wild — and very serious — reaction.

As ABC 13 WSET reports, a car full of people pulled up to a Tampa Wendy's and placed their order. What exactly occurred to set off 26-year-old Kelvin Barnes is unclear, but whatever it was, it sent Barnes into a wild fury. Barnes is caught on camera reaching into the drive-thru window, furiously smashing items, knocking drinks over, and even attempting to grab money from the cash register. As employees shut the window, pushing Barnes out, the offender jumps back into his car and speeds away into the night. According to WTSP, the car Barnes and his accomplices sped off in was a rental, and Barnes himself has a Georgia driver's license.  

In case you think Florida is the only place where such meltdowns happen, you may recall Wendy's 2021 announcement that it was going to change its fries to be more "hot and crispy" — or at least hotter and crispier compared to its competitors (via TODAY). For one woman in Arizona, that promise was broken when her fries were allegedly served cold. Based on her reaction, she felt like she had a lot to say about it (via Fox News).