Mashed Survey: Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Chocolate Milkshake?

If you're someone who reaches for a thick, creamy milkshake over an ice cream cone when you're craving something sweet, you aren't alone. According to Study Finds, in a survey of 2,000 adults, 69% said they prefer to drink their desserts instead of eat them. A milkshake — which is a blended beverage typically made with ice cream and flavored syrup — is one of the most popular drinkable desserts out there. You can whip one up in almost any flavor imaginable with almost any topping, from classics like vanilla or chocolate to more creative milkshake options like avocado or even bacon.

If you prefer a good old chocolate milkshake, there are plenty of places to find one on the go. Mashed polled 582 adults across the country to find out the best fast food chocolate milkshake out there. Between options like Chick-fil-A, Five Guys, Arby's, and Burger King, it turns out that on chain's offering stands above the rest. You may be surprised which restaurant our readers picked.

People love the chocolate milkshake at McDonald's

According to Mashed's poll results, McDonald's has the best chocolate milkshake, with 28.01% of respondents dubbing it their favorite. Made with soft serve vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup and topped with a dollop of whipped cream, a small chocolate milkshake at McDonald's clocks in at 520 calories. However, despite it being the winner of our survey, the McDonald's shake (yes, it's a shake, not a milkshake, on the menu) can be inconsistent. A reviewer at Insider says that it can be hit or miss when you order one "but when it's good, it's really good."

How did other fast food chains stack up against the Golden Arches? Five Guys was a close second with 24.91% of the votes, followed by Chick-fil-A with 21.48%. Arby's received 13.4% of the votes, while Burger King was the least favorite, with only 12.2% of people saying it's their top choice for a chocolate milkshake.