You Can Now Get St. Agrestis' Negroni Sbagliato In A Bottle

"Negroni sbagliato ... with prosecco in it."

Whether you're a cocktail aficionado, mixologist, bartender or just a human, you've most likely heard this phrase over and over again in recent weeks. Since "House of Dragons" star Emma D'Arcy named this as her favorite adult beverage (via TikTok), it has exploded across restaurants and bars, notes Harper's Bazaar. Many have tackled the recipe at home, too, attempting to get the ratios just right. 

A classic negroni is made with gin, Campari and vermouth in a 1:1:1 ratio. However, Emma's version of this beverage replaces the gin with Prosecco, taking the bitter beverage to a new level, adding some sweetness and effervescence. The creation can be sipped while relaxing at home or meeting friends out, but what about on-the-go? As canned cocktails and wine have been popular for quite some time now, how long will we have to wait before this new cocktail craze is canned (in a good way, we mean)?

Well, the great news is that you'll soon be able to get a bottled version of a negroni sbagliato delivered to your door, thanks to one Brooklyn, NY-based company.  

Where can you get it?

St. Agrestis, a company that makes spirits, cocktails, and even mocktails with natural and botanical flavors, has jumped on the negroni sbagliato bandwagon. In less than two weeks, it has developed a version of the drink that is seemingly taking the cocktail world by storm. The most ironic part? The company was planning to bottle a negroni sbagliato years ago, but decided against it as it didn't feel the U.S. market was ready for it (per Eater). Well, it seems as if the time has come.

According to the brand, the sipper is made from St. Agrestis Inferno Bitter Aperitivo, house-made Torino style vermouth and imported Prosecco directly from the Veneto. The bottled version of this new cocktail is available for pre-order on the St. Agrestis website. An eight-pack will set you back $64 and is available to ship nationwide. 

And if bottled booze isn't in your budget but you still want to try the drink, Trader Joe's can help you out.