A New Ranch Flavored Bugles Just Hit The Shelves

It seems like everything can come in ranch these days, and we are here for it. You can make anything you want ranch-flavored with seasoning packets or a bottle of ranch dressing if you're so inclined. The gold standard of ranch-flavored snacks, the Cool Ranch Dorito, is still going strong since it debuted in the 1980s. It's an immediate nostalgia trip because they taste just as good as they did when your mom put them in your lunch box for school.

Some live by the motto — if you can put ranch on it, you should. It doesn't matter if it's chips, rice cakes, or chicken breasts, a dusting of ranch-flavored powder adds zest to no end. For some, Hidden Valley Ranch dressing is the only reason we stray to the veggie tray at the office party. Yes, the plate is three-quarters ranch with a few baby carrots and a slice of red pepper, but we don't judge.

So, ranch lovers, open your wallets and rejoice because Bugles is joining the ranks of the litany of ranch-flavored snacks.

The Hidden Valley and Bugles collab

The delightful, playful snack that lets you turn your fingers into delicious, crispy claws (or finger hats, if that's your thing) now comes "lightly salted and dusted with Hidden Valley Ranch's signature zesty herbs and spices" (via Foodbeast). It's a collab that honestly should have happened years ago. You can turn your munchies into a ranch-flavored, crispy treat. 

Besides being endlessly fun to play with and to eat, Bugles is known for experimenting with some interesting flavor combinations, including sweet and salty caramel and chocolate peanut butter. The Hidden Valley Ranch mash-up seems far less out there and a bit more timeless and Instagrammers agree. Heart eye emojis and "yum" comments adorn the @buglesmemes announcement, and as one fan put it, "Let's gooo."

You can snag a bag for around $5, but if you're really feeling the ranch-flavored vibes, a larger 14.5-ounce bag will cost you $9 (per Thrillist).