Every Bugles Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

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Customers have been enjoying Bugles since 1964. This General Mills chip was first released regionally. It was nationally launched in 1966 and it quickly became a phenomenon across the U.S. To this day, this signature corn chip is a popular snack that is available in every gas station in America. Countless people have childhood memories of eating Bugles: Some even claim that the chips have flattened over the years, as they apparently don't quite fit like "finger hats" as they once used to.

Bugles can be purchased in several different parts of the world such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, Central America, and others. Like most other chip brands, they are sold in various different flavors, giving consumers several different ways to enjoy the chip. Bugles varieties range from odd to totally delicious. Picking a Bugles flavor can be an overwhelming task, so it's best to make sure you know which option is worth your time, tastebuds, and money. 

18. Sour Cream & Onion

Sour Cream & Onion is one of the most popular chip flavors in existence. Most major chip brands, such as Lay's, sell some version of this creamy and zesty flavor. Many of these are quite good but the Sour Cream & Onion Bugles simply do not hit the target. 

This flavor is fine; however, with so many other brands offering good sour cream and onion chips, and with so many different Bugles flavors available, it simply doesn't seem worth your time or stomach to eat these, unless you're such a huge sour cream and onion fan that you don't mind an average quality version of these chips. 

As one reviewer writes, "it tastes very bad as if it was a medicine." Granted, some medicines don't taste all that bad, although that's definitely not the flavor profile you're looking for in a chip. It's best to skip these chips and try another Bugles flavor that's a little tastier.

17. Hot & Spicy

Hot & Spicy Bugles are slightly better than Sour Cream & Onion Bugles although they're still lacking the flavor strength of some of the other varieties. Hot & Spicy Bugles are just okay. These chips lack the satisfaction that one would expect from a hot & spicy flavor: A perfect version of this flavor would be overwhelmingly hot and spicy and have a balance of spice and flavor. 

Hot & spicy chips shouldn't be hot just for the sake of being hot; unfortunately, Hot & Spicy Bugles are just that. Although the flavors are fine, the spice tends to take over.  As one reviewer says, it's "like eating slightly sweet crunchies liberally sprinkled with tasteless hot sauce." If a spicy yet flavorless taste sounds appealing, then you might be a fan of these. 

This snack has average reviews on Amazon, although it does receive the occasional five-star review: As one customer notes, "a roasted pepper flavor is hard to reproduce and they nailed it with this one."

16. Hot Buffalo

If you enjoy spicy snacks and the Hot & Spicy Bugles are too flavorless for you then you might enjoy the Hot Buffalo, which is another spicy Bugles flavor. You may be familiar with Buffalo flavor, which is based on a hot, tangy, buttery sauce. Hot Buffalo Bugles take on the classic buffalo flavor and turn up the heat.

As the flavor name indicates, Hot Buffalo Bugles are extra hot, but customers are divided as to whether this flavor is good or not. Some are huge fans of the snack, but others have noted that it tastes a little weird. Overall, the chip flavor is fine, but it doesn't really taste like Buffalo flavoring. 

If you are a huge Buffalo sauce fan and are expecting the typical Buffalo flavor, this is not the chip variety for you. As one reviewer noted, "It's not a spicy buffalo flavor that I would expect, it has more of a sour taste to it." Taquitos also reviewed it, commenting on the strange odor and the lack of Buffalo flavor: "I didn't think that it really tasted like buffalo sauce."

15. Churro

Churros are a wonderful dessert and this Bugles flavor puts its own spin on the classic Mexican dessert snack. The combination of flavors in Churro Bugles makes sense: Bugles and churros are already fairly similar (as similar as a chip and a dessert can be, that is). Both have a crunchy texture: With just a few flavor changes, Bugles can easily be made into churro or a churro-like thing.

Though this Bugles flavor makes a good effort, it pales in comparison to some of the other flavors. After all, simply putting cinnamon sugar on the chips isn't quite enough to make these chips truly taste like churros. Customers give this product mixed reviews. Junk Banter writes, "It's a nice hybrid, though it feels a little disjointed at times." 

The Junk Banter reviewer also adds that tasting these flavors at the same time made them wish they were eating a snack that was either totally savory or totally sweet rather than something that hangs in between. Still, this flavor is quite well-liked by customers: One Amazon reviewer notes their love for this flavor. 

14. Southwest Ranch

The Bugles brand has capitalized on the condiment every American seems to love most: Ranch. But instead of just plain old ranch, Bugles has given us a zesty spin with Southwest Ranch flavor. Southwest Ranch Bugles add a little spice to the creamy and peppery flavor of plain ranch. 

The flavor itself isn't the problem. Ranch is delicious in all its forms but the Southwest Ranch Bugles simply don't have enough flavor. As Taquitos notes, "We had to lick each Bugle several times before we even got a hint of flavor," adding that the chips smell similar to a stale El Paso taco seasoning packet, which is a little unsettling. 

While the lack of flavor certainly isn't ideal, it's still better to have a good flavor that's lacking in taste rather than too much of a bad flavor. However, with a delicious flavor like ranch, it can be pretty disappointing to keenly feel that the flavor intensity is missing and the overall snack is somehow lacking in terms of taste.

13. Salt & Vinegar

The catalog of Bugles flavors either offers a crazy highly innovative flavor or a highly standard flavor that is available across most other chip brands and Salt & Vinegar

Bugles are the latter of the two. These Bugles taste exactly like what you'd expect: Salt and vinegar

The salty flavor balances well with the strong notes of vinegar. There's not much else to say about this flavor except that these chips are quite enjoyable. While they do taste good, there are so many other Bugles flavor options to explore. 

Taquitos notes, "The snacks themselves have a pretty good vinegar taste to them, although not extremely vinegar. The taste of the Bugles is definitely there, it doesn't get overpowered by the flavor powder. However, like some other Bugles chips, these have a strange smell that Taquitos describes as "an odd vinegar aroma," which really isn't appetizing or pleasing. Overall, though, Salt & Vinegar Bugles are a solid effort at a classic flavor. 

12. Chili Cheese

Chili and cheese is another beloved flavor combo that's been turned into chips. When considering chip flavors in general, it's admirable that so many companies are able to take a taste that consumers love and turn it into a chip. Choosing a highly tasty food and transforming it into a chip flavor is a strategy that often works well in creating a great chip flavor, and chili cheese is no exception. 

Chilli Cheese Bugles are good. It's a universally loved flavor, as evidenced by the ratings on Amazon and the Taquitos website. The only negative feedback about this Bugles variety is that it lacks the full strength of an ideal chili cheese flavor. As Taquitos says, "It makes you think like you're eating tacos. Not much of a traditional cheese flavor, more of a chili taste."

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if you really like chili, but it does mean that the flavor doesn't live up to the expectations that it creates. These chips could really do with an enhanced dose of cheesy flavor, especially because there's something about plain chili flavored chips that isn't that appealing. Nevertheless, Chili Cheese Bugles are good, and they're worth trying.

11. Seafood

The Cheetos Bugles Seafood Flavor is an ostensibly bizarre idea. And, it's not just the idea that's bizarre, the execution is quite odd too. These chips aren't crab, lobster, or even tuna fish-flavored. They're just seafood flavored, suggesting that you could reach into the sea, grab any fish, and end up with a Seafood Bugles flavor. 

That said, as strange as this flavor is, it's actually tasty. Taquitos says, "It didn't taste strongly of seafood. It was more of a mix of savory and sweet seasonings, maybe a fish sauce, with just the slightest hint of actual fish or shrimp. Pretty good." 

Luckily, this flavor is quite good, which is probably a relief to hear, since even though lobster or shrimp cocktail makes for a great meal, it might not translate into the best chip flavor. Somehow, however, Bugles makes seafood flavored chips work. These chips are salty, savory, and quite delicious. 

10. Cheddar Remix

Cheddar is a much-loved chip flavor because cheese is a highly popular food. Cheddar is one of those flavors that can turn someone who previously hated a chip brand into a fan. It's pretty tough for a cheddar-flavored chip to go awry, and Bugles gives cheddar cheese a solid effort with their cheesy chip.

The Cheddar Bugles Remix makes for a tasty flavor, and though they are not overly innovative, they are quite good. When it comes to this flavor, what you see is what you get, and the end result is a good effort at a cheddar-flavored chip. 

One thing to note about this flavor is that this bag of Bugles is that it doesn't just contain Bugles. It also includes Chex and pretzels, making it sort of a hybrid between Gardetto's and Bugles. And it is the inclusion of these other tasty morsels is that really makes it shine. One reviewer wrote, "Simply delish! Great mix of items! You won't regret picking this up ... It has pretzels too!" 

9. Smokin' BBQ

Since barbecue is yet another classic chip flavor, barbecue chips simply aren't interesting enough on their own. In order to really stand out and appeal to customers, there has to be something truly different about barbecue chips, and when it comes to Bugles, this is achieved through the Smokin' BBQ chip flavor. The result is quite great: It's a twist on a familiar taste, though it's not so different that it ruins the flavor.

Overall, the reviews of this flavor are positive. One customer lauded it for its "Excellent and delicious taste," while another shared that it's "delicious" for "those who love the taste of smoked grilled."

One of the best aspects of this flavor is the way in which the heat builds. As Taquitos points out, the first few chips you eat won't quite have that kick, but as you continue eating these Bugles, the Smokin' taste really begins to build. There are many other chip options to purchase, but these are perfect for anyone who wants BBQ flavored Bugles.

8. Ketchup

Ketchup may be one of the most beloved condiments in the United States, but it's rare to see it in a chip flavor. The Bugles brand clearly has an affinity for delving into rare territory when it comes to developing flavors and that's exactly what it has done with Ketchup Bugles. 

Ketchup Bugles were a risky move that could've gone horribly wrong; luckily, the result is a really delicious chip flavor. Rather than having an ultra-acidic tomato flavor, or a super sweet and sugary taste with a hint of the vegetable, these chips possess a lovely tangy taste. Although this is not the ultimate Bugles flavor, it is quite satisfying.

Clip the Deal reviewers give this product decent reviews and so does Amazon, with one customer saying, "I like it more than other flavors." You may not love these chips, but you might like them more than other flavors. Plus, you'll be delighted by the sheer inventiveness of this flavor.

7. Jalapeño Cheddar

Some of the best things in the world contain jalapeño and cheddar: Jalapeño poppers, jalapeño cheddar bread, Jalapeño Cheetos, and, of course, Jalapeño Cheddar Bugles. Jalapeño and cheddar is a stellar flavor combination. 

Even if you don't necessarily like the flavor of jalapeños, you'll probably still like this chip because it's mostly spicy. It has a good balance of cheddar and spice, but it doesn't have an overwhelming pepper flavor, which is great, because while jalapeños are great, a purely jalapeño flavored chip might be a little too intense in terms of heat. 

Strangely enough, this chip flavor, strangely, hasn't been reviewed much, but one user sums up the flavor profile nicely by saying, "These are great. They aren't so hot you can't eat them without crying and the flavor reminds me of the jalapeno cheddar cheetos." If you're also looking for a spicy snack with a creamy finish, this Bugles variety is perfect for you. 

6. Ranch

Condiment-based flavors are a theme within Bugles varieties. Unlike some of the other condiment-inspired flavors, such as Ketchup Bugles, this Ranch Bugles flavor isn't too much of a risk. Plenty of chip brands like Doritos have created ranch-based snacks, and the results are often extremely popular. Ranch Bugles are a tasty snack that combines chips with the taste of creamy white dressing 

Like ranch dressing, these chips are peppery and creamy. They're also delightfully crunchy. Though lots of other chip brands have their own ranch option, Ranch Bugles are one of the best options around. As one reviewer said, "They don't taste like any ranch chip you've eaten before." Another reviewer venerates these chips as "my favorite flavor of Bugles." These Bugles have a noticeably high rating on Amazon and they're certainly worth a purchase.

5. Salsa

Salsa Bugles are incredible. This flavor is so good that it should join the other standard chip flavors. While the salsa taste in these Bugles is not quite strong enough to transport you to a Mexican restaurant in which you're snacking on chips and salsa and sipping a margarita, they are enough to satisfy your craving. They are perfect for instances in which you want chips and salsa but it isn't feasible to eat actual salsa, such as a road trip or a flight. 

These chips are quite flavorful although they are quite moderate in the heat department. As Taquitos writes about Salsa Bugles, "If you lick the powder off the Bugle before crunching, you'll taste the salsa flavor better. Once you crunch, the corn taste of the Bugles chip truly takes over. If you like Bugles, you should enjoy this flavor as well." This is truly a fantastic flavor and the overall taste is thoroughly enjoyable. 

4. Sweet & Salty Chocolate Peanut Butter

The Sweet & Salty Chocolate Peanut Butter is yet another unexpected flavor combination that is one of the best Bugles flavors. This flavor is really quite outstanding. It has a super tasty chocolatey base that is perfectly complemented by the peanut butter and the salt. Eating these is like eating a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in a chip form. 

Once you begin eating these, there's a good chance you won't be able to stop. Just ask some of the chip's customers. According to a reviewer, "These are amazing. That sweet and salty combination is addicting." Taquitos writes, "That combination turned out to be a huge hit."

If you're debating whether or not you should try these, just go for it. Even if you don't like the taste, it'll still be different from anything you've tried before. This flavor is innovative and amazing. 

3. Nacho Cheese

Nacho Cheese Bugles are so good: You'll be thrilled to eat these cheesy chips. They're some of the best Bugles you can get. They're also some of the best nacho cheese-flavored chips you can find. They're far better than the Cheddar Bugles, thanks to their zesty cheese flavor.

While the flavor of these chips is not too overwhelming, they still have the essence of nacho cheese, which makes them incredibly tasty. If you haven't already put Bugles on your fingertips and used them as the vessel to consume your chips, you'll be deeply tempted to do so with this flavor. 

One reviewer says, "They are really tasty, and go with a variety of dips. They also taste delicious by themselves." Another one adds, "These nacho cheese flavored chips are better than the Bugles originals because they have a unite [sic] flavoring to them and aren't too salty." These wonderful chips are definitely worth buying. 

2. Sweet & Salty Caramel

Sweet & Salty Caramel Bugles are truly incredible. It's hard to get enough of these Bugles. The chocolate peanut butter combination is exceptional, and so is the sweet and salty caramel. These are the kind of chips that are perfect for eating nonstop. The caramel flavor is buttery and rich without being too sweet. The salt gives this flavor a super tasty bite that balances out the caramel beautifully. The overall taste is crunchy and quite delectable. 

One reviewer perfectly summed up the only issue with this Bugles flavor: "It seems it's only available at gas stations and truck stops or via Amazon." If these chips could be purchased along with groceries, then they really could be consumed endlessly. Another reviewer also perfectly summed up the deliciousness of these Bugles: "Perfect combination of sweet and salty, be careful if you buy a big bag because these become addictive fast."

1. Original

The Original bulges are definitely the best. Although there are several different enjoyable flavors of Bugles, nothing really beats the Original flavor. While the brand should be applauded for creating so many different flavors that are genuinely enjoyable, it is the Original flavor that really makes Bugles the institution that it is. 

From the salty flavor to the delicious crunch, there's nothing not to love about Original Bugles. And, unlike some of the other flavors, Original Bugles can be found everywhere. Whether you're in need of a snack while filling your tank with gas, or you're browsing a supermarket in search of a reliably tasty chip, you can count on Original Bugles to be available for purchase. 

As one customer said, "Definitely one of the most delicious snacks of all times!" Another reviewer said, "They have a delicious corn taste, and are light in texture yet crispy and crunchy." The Original Bugles have stood the test of time, and no matter which other flavors come and go, the Originals will always be on top.