This Is Why Duff Goldman Thought He Would Get Cancelled

Celebrity chef Duff Goldman is the rock star cake artist known for his unorthodox approach in the kitchen "antics," which have previously included setting a table on fire during a cake-making competition (per the Vancouver Sun). When the "Ace of Cakes" star and bassist for cover band Foie Grock (via BakeMag) is not baking or rocking it out onstage, the TV personality goes fishing and crabbing in the Maryland waters. Goldman once took to Twitter to post his catch of the day which includes what might be amberjack as well as snook that eluded him for years. 

Goldman has shared tips for catching and cooking Maryland blue crab and is dubbed the "King of Crab" by the Food Network (no pressure or anything). The Culinary Institute of America alum manages to eke out a savory recipe once in a while including one for Spanish-style grilled fish found on the Food Network website. With the spotlight on his skills as a fisherman, Goldman actually thought he would get canceled for one dish in particular.

Duff Goldman ruined a Pacific rockfish dish

The multifaceted celebrity chef posted one of his seafood creations on Instagram, a plate of grilled squid steak (pictured above) that was just "too pretty" not to share. Aside from how it tastes, he would win points for plating anyway, as he finished the dish with a red sauce drizzled across the steak. Goldman holds back, however, from posting a photo of grilled Pacific rockfish that he prepared because he claims, "I mangled them so bad I didn't want to show you a picture because food network would probably cancel me for being a terrible cook."

While there's no sign of Goldman taking any power tools to the fish like he's done in the past with cake (per the National Trust for Historic Preservation), he doesn't provide much insight as to what exactly went wrong on the grill either. According to Farmer's Almanac, the "Holiday Baking Championship" judge may have run into a number of issues like flipping the fish too soon causing it to crumble, or not getting the grill hot enough so the rockfish sticks to the grates.

Not wanting to be perceived negatively by the Food Network, Goldman promises, at least to his mom, that he "ate his vegetables," a surefire way of redeeming himself.