Leslie Jordan Delivered Meals To The Earliest AIDS Victims

Beloved actor, singer, writer, and internet personality Leslie Jordan has died at age 67. Around 11 AM this morning, TMZ reported that the Hollywood star suffered a medical emergency while driving his BMW, resulting in a fatal car accident. Jordan was best known for his Emmy-award-winning role as Beverly Leslie in "Will & Grace" and Lonnie Garr in "Heart Afire" (per IMDB). The celebrated actor is also the New York Times best-selling author of "How Y'all Doing? Misadventures and Mischief from a Life Well Lived" (via Times Free Press). In addition to his creative accomplishments, Jordan was an openly gay LGBTQ+ activist who stood as a pillar in the gay community.

Leslie told Reuters that he used to march the streets in protest of anti-LGBT laws and policies, but in his older years, he left that to the kids of the revolution. He also prided himself on being among "the first gay people in many people's living rooms" in regards to his treasured role on "Will & Grace" alongside the show's other gay characters Will and Jack.

One of his life's great legacies was his role in the HIV/AIDS epidemic when he stepped up to provide nutritious meals to victims of the disease when the government refused to acknowledge or intervene in its spread (per The Guardian).

Leslie Jordan partnered with Project Angel Food to help AIDS victims

Although he was born a southern boy from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Leslie walked the "pink carpet" to Los Angeles in search of fame in 1984 (per KESQ). As a gay man who lived through the AIDS epidemic, Jordan took it upon himself to aid the LGBTQ+ community in Los Angeles when the government ostracized and ignored its hundreds of thousands of victims out of blatant homophobia.

According to The Guardian, Leslie partnered with Project Angel Food, a foundation that "prepares and delivers healthy meals to people impacted by serious illness" to enrich the bodies and lives of AIDS victims in need. Leslie told The Guardian that despite his best efforts, he was too talkative to be great at the job — a beloved trait of his that likely made his philanthropic efforts that much more personal. Leslie also joined Project Nightlight as a volunteer to provide emotional and social support to AIDS victims.

A light in an often dark world, Leslie Jordan's life is forever immortalized through his artistic endeavors, charming spirit, and touching philanthropic achievements. His legacy will continue to uplift and inspire the LGBTQ+ community for generations to come.