The Halloween Snacks People Search For The Most In 2022

It may sound daunting to try to make snacks that can hold their own against the allure of those tempting, mini, individually-wrapped chocolate bars that are so ubiquitous around this time of year. Luckily, when it comes to Halloween snack inspiration, literature provides some creative ideas. Ray Bradbury's "Halloween Tree," for example, introduces its readers to "plates of cookies shaped like funeral priests or skeletons or ghosts" and "mounds of sugar skulls."

While reading a book featuring autumnal fare may sound most pleasurable, a quicker way to find Halloween snack inspo would be to use a search engine. According to FoodSided, it would seem the masses are ready to get in on some spooky revelry. The outlet reported Google has seen an uptick in spooky search terms including "spider web, skeleton, witchcraft, vampire, and even cat eye." Sticking with the creepy theme, recipe hunters also took to the internet to look for intriguing Halloween treat how-tos this year.

Is it even a Monster Mash without the right snacks?

Whether the folks behind Google searches are preparing their children's lunches, just making Insta posts, or planning an epic party, the world may never know. What is known, though, is what those Google searches are for, and when it comes to Halloween snacks, FoodSided has the deets. The outlet reports the "most popular Halloween recipe searches are for "mummy wrapped hot dog, Spider devil eggs, and spider chocolate chips." It would seem people want eerie-looking eatables for Halloween, and who can blame them?

If you happen to be in need of some ghoulish-grub-making info, Mashed has some handy solutions. We've got a Halloween Mummy Hot Dogs Recipe that is a good fit for picky eaters, and a recipe for Halloween Deviled Eggs that may give some arachnophobes pause. As for the spider chocolate chips, we did our own Google research, and — after getting the heebie-jeebies — we can see how these could be a hit. If you are planning a graveyard smash, The Spruce recommends serving four to six bites for each guest per hour if there isn't a meal being served. In the unfortunate event you run out of Halloween snacks early (and if the kiddos are already asleep), we might just know a place where you can still find some candy.