Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving Menu Is Officially Back

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and for many this comes with no small amount of stress. The elaborate meal generally takes hours — even days — for a person to prep, cook, and serve. Then, there's the financial commitment. A turkey alone is likely to cost far more than usual, thanks to the fact that turkey production was lowered in 2019 because people weren't buying the fowl as much, per The New York Times, and then the pandemic further reduced production. Plus, widespread avian flu has hit 44.6 million chickens and turkeys in the U.S. alone this year, and historic inflation levels have driven prices up even more, says USA Today. In fact, turkey prices were a whopping 17% higher in September of 2022 than they were the year before!

Clearly, Thanksgiving revelers are living in very stressful times, but Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is out to alleviate some of those issues with its "fully prepared Thanksgiving Heat n' Serve Meals," not to mention a full slate of fresh holiday pies, according to a company press release. Any remaining tension just may be relieved by one fizzy newcomer to the menu.

Here's the dish on Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving menu

Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for Cracker Barrel, and the restaurant's feasts come in all sizes and shapes. The spread includes turkey breast, gravy, cranberry relish, and classic sides like green beans, cornbread dressing, macaroni n' cheese, and creamy mashed potatoes, per the Cracker Barrel site. There are also some adventurous new offerings, such as loaded mashed potatoes and "country fried turkey." Prices start at $14.99 per person, per the press release, and anyone who's ever footed the bill for Turkey Day dinner knows that is fairly reasonable. Meals can be pre-ordered and picked up prior to Thanksgiving. Then, as the name suggests, it only needs to be heated and served. The feasts seem relatively well-received — a group of four people reviewed the full classic spread on YouTube and gave it a "thumbs up," particularly praising the turkey and stuffing.

Cracker Barrel also knows that the overall feast experience is also about the smaller touches, so it's also offering festive extras to complete the day, including items like the "cinnamon roll pie breakfast" and four more traditional dessert pies (apple streusel, chocolate pecan, regular pecan, and pumpkin pie). There's also a new fizzy wine-based cocktail beverage, dubbed the "Glitter Globe Spritzer." Those who prefer a non-alcoholic option can choose the seasonal blackberry tea or the cinnamon roll latte, instead. Whatever a customer orders, it's definitely going to contribute to Cracker Barrel's healthy bottom line on the company's busiest day of the year. Gobble gobble, indeed.