Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Divided The Internet By Calling In-N-Out Overrated

From its pristine beaches to its year-round perfect weather, there are many things that California is known for — and In-N-Out is one of them. West Coast pride runs deep when it comes to this California-based burger chain, and for many reasons. With In-N-Out burger's fresh ingredients, affordable prices, and accommodation to dietary restrictions — what's not to love (via Spoon University)? While the menu is pretty short and sweet, most frequent customers are familiar with the chain's "not-so-secret menu," which includes the popular "animal-style" fries and burgers.

In-N-Out's fanbase extends beyond us mere mortals — even the pickiest celebrity chefs hold this chain in high regard (it's also the fast food chain that Prince Harry always visits). "In-N-Out burgers were extraordinary," the notoriously critical Gordon Ramsay shared with Wide Open Eats. "I was so bad, I sat in the restaurant, had my double cheeseburger then minutes later I drove back round and got the same thing again to take away. The late Anthony Bourdain also had a soft spot for this popular burger chain, once telling Eater, "It's the only fast-food chain that I actually like, and think is reasonably good for the world." High praise! 

While In-N-Out has many glowing reviews, every fast food chain has its haters — and one of In-N-Outs is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (via Twitter).

AOC thinks that In-N-Out serves up dry fries

In an interview with "Pod Save America," Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (also known as AOC) revealed that she doesn't think In-N-Out is worth the hype (via Twitter). "Every time I come out here, everyone's like: 'Oh my god, In-N-Out, In-N-Out.' And I'm like, my controversial, nonpolitical opinion is that it's overrated."

Before you jump down AOC's throat, hear her out. When she knocks on the quality of In-N-Out, the representative from New York's 14th congressional district isn't talking about the burgers — she's talking about the In-N-Out fries. "It's because, like I'm a big fry person," AOC admitted on the podcast. "What is this dry fry thing going on here?" Podcast co-host Jon Lovett wholeheartedly agreed with the Democratic politician's assessment, saying there are "other fries" that In-N-Out can "sample and learn from."

AOC reposted a clip from the podcast on her Twitter, with a caption that read "Someone had to say it!!" The congresswoman, who is often praised for her skill at social media usage, also included a french fry emoji tacked on at the end. As of this writing, the tweet has over 21,000 likes, but the reception in the comments section is very mixed. One person wrote, "Resign you're bad," while another commented, "Dry fry. Yes. Absolutely correct." Another follower asked, "Congresswoman, have you ever had Whataburger?," to which AOC replied "LOVE Whataburger." 

We now know one drive-thru line that AOC seems likely to frequent, and another that she is not (sorry In-N-Out).