The Fried Chicken That Shocked Judges On Dancing With The Stars

What a strange time we live in when two things as unrelated as "fried chicken" and "Dancing with the Stars" appear in the same headline. Celebrating its 31st season, "Dancing with the Stars" was a successful series for ABC, now streaming on Disney+. Competing for the prized Mirrorball Trophy, the show pairs celebrities with professional ballroom dancers. The competition is fun and suitable for the entire family to enjoy together, unlike the hair-pulling, name-yelling reality series television is littered with.

This season's motley crew of 16 dancers includes several reality TV stars (guilty of the aforementioned behavior), a weatherman, a comedian, a movie star, and a drag queen; Shangela, from "Rupaul's Drag Race." Fans of the show are familiar with the stinging one-liners judges hurl at the stars each week, like Bruno Tonioli's famous commentary on Apple's Steve Wozniak during Season 8, comparing his cha-cha-cha routine to "a Teletubby going mad at a gay pride parade" (via Cheat Sheet).

Dancers on this week's episode not only moved to Michael Bublé's crooner-style music but saw him as their fifth judge. Rebounding from head judge Len Goodman's critique over not having straight legs last week, Shangela shocked fans, judges, hosts, and even her partner after dancing the tango to the Bublé ballad "Hollywood" (per People).

Shangela pulls fried chicken from dress

Monday evening's episode of "Dancing with the Stars" was the best performance Shangela and her partner Gleb Savchenko have had this season (via People). Following their 45 out of 50 tango, Shangela asked the judges, "Were my legs crispy?" (referring to judge Len Goodman's critique last week, calling her form "still not as crisp as I would really like to see"). While awaiting his approval, Shangela stunned the crowd by pulling a fried chicken leg from her chest, sealed in a plastic baggie, and offering the poultry to a stupefied Goodman (via E! News).

Equally confounded, host Tyra Banks was hungry for more information on what she witnessed. She wasn't expecting, however, Shangela to pull a second piece of fried chicken from her bosom, offering the foul to the host. Without missing a beat, Banks bit into the gospel bird, licking her fingers afterward. Twitter was left in an uproar, with one person writing, "Tyra just went rogue with that fried chicken and I'm living for it," and others introducing the term "boob chicken."

When asked if she was nervous about having fried chicken in her dress, Shangela joked, "I'm a drag queen. I'm accustomed to keeping things from flying out, okay?" And where might the chicken have originated from? Shangela said, "the only crispy legs I know are from KFC or a chicken place, so that's what I brought up in here tonight" (via Entertainment Weekly). Mic drop!