What A Typical Breakfast Looks Like In Turkey

What do you think about when you hear the word "turkey?" For some people, festive days such as Thanksgiving and Christmas come to mind. But for others, the term has other connotations, especially when they see it written and properly capitalized. Turkey, or Türkiye, is a large country that lies partly in Europe and partly in Asia (per Britannica). The country is famous for its rich culture, history, and traditions. 

You might already be familiar with the famous Turkish carpets, steamy baths called hammam, or Turkish bazaars that offer anything from souvenirs and clothing to tasty beverages and food (per Nomads Unveiled). 

The food in Turkey is something to write home about, too. From delicious mercimek kofte made with a combination of red lentils, bulgur, onions, tomatoes, and hot pepper paste, over a variety of tasty kebabs, to baklava, those irresistible pastries drenched in sweet syrup, there's a bite of tasty food for everyone visiting Turkey (per CNN). But breakfast in Turkey is equally unforgettable.

A typical Turkish breakfast includes bread, cheese, spreads, eggs, and black tea

Weary Chef reports that in Turkey, breakfast is considered "the most important meal of the day," just like in most countries of the world. And although there are slight differences in each Turkish region, it's generally agreed upon that a typical Turkish breakfast will always include cheese, eggs, bread, a variety of spreads, and a cup of black tea

The ring-shaped, sesame seed-adorned simit is probably the most famous Turkish bread, and it's usually torn into smaller pieces and eaten with cheese, cold cuts, or fruit jam. In addition, cheeses such as sheep's milk Kasseri or the semi-hard and crumbly Tulum make a regular appearance on most Turkish breakfast tables. Eggs are also a breakfast staple, whether boiled, fried, or paired with sausages or veggies. 

Food & Wine adds that the traditional Turkish breakfast is locally called kahvalti, and it's an important ritual for most people. The Turkish love their spreads in the morning, such as the salty and savory spread made with black olives or the sweet hazelnut spreads that are popular in Turkey. These breakfast foods are typically served in small dishes placed in the center of the breakfast table, so each person can grab whatever they want (per Chef's Pencil). In the end, wash it all down with black tea, Turkish coffee (sometimes believed to have mythical powers), or a glass of refreshing ayran.