The Return Of Costco's Popular Pumpkin Cheesecake Has Instagram Salivating

It's that time of year when we all start to gather for family holiday meals, and having the perfect dessert to serve is essential when it comes to pleasing everyone. That's where Costco comes in with some of its fall favorite desserts, including the $6 to $7 (depending on where you're located), nearly four-pound pumpkin pie (Delish reports it has a one-foot diameter), which @CostcoSisters on Instagram says hit stores in late August. While some followers lamented that it was "#tooearly" for pumpkin pie at the time, many were excited about its release, including some who said they would buy it, freeze it, and save it for the holidays.

Now as we approach November, it's definitely not too early for pumpkin-flavored anything, whether it be a classic PSL, pumpkin pie, or something perhaps a little different, like a giant pumpkin cheesecake, which you'll currently find in Costco's dessert section (via Instagram).

Guess who's back?

It's Costco's ginormous pumpkin cheesecake, that's who! It's a dessert that will wow the whole family. Because it's so big, everyone will be able to have a second slice. The approximately five-pound pumpkin cheesecake is back again this year and has pre-cut markings to make slicing it into 16 equal slices easy. It is surrounded by a "sweet graham crust" and has some type of cream piping around the edges.

The find was shared on Instagram by user @costcobuys who noted the cheesecake in their store cost $17.99, which is up from the $14.99 Taste of Home reported it cost two years ago in 2020. Despite one user noting the uptick in pricing, calling it "ridiculous," most comments on the post are of Costco fans drooling over how delicious the cheesecake looks.

Many Instagrammers tagged others to show them the cheesecake, like @carlybuys who wrote, "we definitely need to try this" and @cmrsquared who commented, "this looks soooo good." User @kberm17 tagged a family member, writing, "I think we need this for dad at Thanksgiving!" With a pumpkin cheesecake this size, the more the merrier.