What A Typical Breakfast Looks Like In Finland

Hello from the happiest country in the world! This beautiful Nordic nation also has the cleanest air in the world and the world's best education system. These factors probably contribute significantly to the citizens' sense of happiness. Yes, we're talking about Finland, which is also the most densely forested country in all of Europe (via Britannica). 

Of course, you might already know a thing or two about Finland, such as its great saunas, the charming Santa Claus village, and its unbreakable Nokia mobile phones. But one of the best things in Finland is the country's vast nature and those magical Northern Lights, officially called the Aurora Borealis (per Pretty Wild World). 

If you ever visit Finland, make sure to taste its traditional local cuisine. There are many traditional and regional delicacies to choose from, including the salty licorice called samiakki, potatoes with pickled herring, and pizza that uses reindeer meat as a topping (via Matador Network). However, mornings in Finland are a slightly different affair, and Finnish morning meals are often underappreciated, so let's take a look at what the Finns usually eat for breakfast.

A typical Finnish breakfast includes rye bread sandwiches, porridge, and Karelian pies

Who knows, it might be that a typical Finnish breakfast is what makes the locals so happy. Hey Explorer reports that breakfast in Finland is nothing extravagant — it's a simple and quick affair with a few selected foods. Breakfast starts pretty early, at 7 or 8 a.m., and most people opt for a simple sandwich made with a slice of ruisleipä rye bread, ham, cheese, sliced cucumbers, and either bell peppers or tomatoes. 

The adventurous ones might grab some pickles, butter, or fruit jam to eat with their rye bread, and others might bake their own bread. Those who want something more comforting than a sandwich might eat riisipuuro, a rice porridge that's often topped with cinnamon, berries, or sugar (via Hey Explorer). 

Her Finland revealed that Karelian pies are the most common snacks in the country, and they're often eaten for breakfast, consisting of a rye crust and a creamy, savory rice porridge on the inside. When all is consumed, it would be a shame not to do as the Finns do and finish it all off with a cup of coffee with milk. After all, Finland has the highest consumption of coffee in the world. Just don't overdo it, as most Finns drink eight or nine cups per day (per The Culture Trip).