Domino's Japan Is Offering A 'Halloween Roulette' Pizza, Where One Is Super Spicy

With October 31 just days away, people are gearing up for the spookiest holiday of the year. Stoops around the country are lined with glowing pumpkins and scary skeletons, costumes have been bought and designed, and Halloween candy is ready and waiting in kitchen cupboards. For many people, the best part about Halloween is undoubtedly the treats. From Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Heath Bars to Life Savers and Lemon Heads, there are so many goodies trick-or-treaters get their hands on year after year (here are the most popular Halloween candies ranked worst to best). But one food brand has found a savory way to roll treats and tricks into one product.

Domino's Japan is offering up a hair-raising pizza option to enjoy with friends this Halloweekend (via Brand Eating). It's putting spice lovers to the test with its Halloween Double Roulette Offering. The concept, which doubles as a game, is simple. But the impact on a mouth might be hard.

Domino's Japan's Halloween Roulette brings ghostly heat

For people who opt for this deal, Domino's Japan will hide "super spicy Jolokia sauce" on two random slices of the customer's pizza (via Brand Eating). No one will know which slices contain this zesty ingredient, which is made with "one of the hottest peppers in the world," according to Chili Pepper Madness. Known as Bhut Jolokia, it may be more familiar by the name ghost pepper.

Domino's Japan also challenges the two unlucky victims to try and mask their pain after consuming a spicy slice. This allows the friends at the table to try and guess which poor souls were the unlucky losers of roulette. While Americans won't be able to find Halloween Double Roulette at their local Domino's, they can still try to recreate their own version of the game at home. Try whipping up our copycat recipe for Domino's chicken taco pizza, and reserve a section for ghost pepper sauce. Those who are looking for something more compact could try a recipe for English muffin pizzas. Perhaps that could work by creating some ghost muffins in a batch and shuffling them around.