Mountain Dew Finally Unveils 2022 Mystery Flavor As Sour Candy

Muhahaha! It's finally Halloween, ghoulish friends, and that means the mystery behind Mountain Dew's 2022 VooDEW flavor has come to an end. The mystery flavor has been revealed to be sour candy, as per an Instagram post from VooDEW.

The mystery flavor, a clear soda in bottles with wrappers featuring logos with a colorful Grim Reaper holding a numeral four, debuted back in late August in both original and zero sugar varieties (via Mountain Dew's website). When the unlabeled flavor first hit stores, it had those who do the Dew guessing what the soda tasted like, such as Instagrammer @trena_beulla_horwath who pondered if it might be, "Liquid pixie sticks!!!" Similarly, another social media user on Twitter noted that the flavor tastes like Sour Patch Kids, "the green one specifically." 

Sour candy now joins 2019's candy corn, 2020's fruit candy explosion, and 2021's fruit candy chew as VooDEW's official mystery flavors (via Fandom). Of course, as the most dedicated candy connoisseurs know, there are a lot of varieties underneath the sour candy label, and fans of the drink were quick to theorize about a more detailed answer.

This sweet reveal was surprisingly sour

At long last, the mystery flavor was revealed in a video posted to @voodewgrim's Instagram on the morning of October 31. In the video, the Mountain Dew VooDew Grim Reaper opens a creepy treasure chest, out of which pops a skeleton. Ominous music plays as the Grim Reaper pulls a smaller chest out of the first. As the Grim Reaper opens the second level of the matryoshka doll-like chest, sour candy worms are revealed and the words "sour candy flavor" appear on the screen. 

@voodewgrim teased fans, asking in the caption, "So, did you guys guess it right?" Unsurprisingly, more than a few social media users were quick to respond that they had indeed guessed the flavor correctly. For example, Instagrammer @jamielshelton said they got it right away, writing, "On the first sip I said 'sour patch kids' y'all I nailed this flavor." Over on Facebook, Jayson Jovencio Pitman wrote, "Son of a Gum!!!!" That's why it tasted so good and familiar! Kudos." 

Back on Instagram, @keybladeking1 admitted to being a VooDEW connoisseur and said they are already looking forward to the next. "Alright! Makes a lot of sense! And I got an extra bottle with my ghosts of VoodDew past pack so I could have all four flavors in consecutive order. The flavor this year was delicious, and I can't wait to taste next year's VooDew!" they commented.

Until next year, Mountain Dew fans, Happy Halloween.