Ree Drummond Is 'So Proud' Of The Mercantile On Its 6th Anniversary

It's been said that fame changes people. Paul McCartney has been famous since the 1960s, and he even claimed (via Contact Music) that fame forced those it touched to be different. However, if it's changed Ree Drummond, it doesn't seem to show. The Pioneer Woman is the same lady now — who loves country life and adores home-cooked foods — that she always was.

Drummond grew up in Oklahoma, according to Biography, and she married her husband, Ladd, in 1996. That was 10 years before she had a blog that would get famous and 15 years before she would appear on the Food Network. Drummond has found the secret to a happy marriage, and fame hasn't shaken it from her. However, it has kept her busy.

It seems like Drummond is putting out something new every few minutes. She's forever updating her blog about her life, offering Instagram videos of advice, publishing books, or any of her other projects. Among these is The Mercantile store and eatery, which celebrated six years in operation on October 31. And Drummond celebrated the way any proud entrepreneur would.

The Mercantile is still going strong

The first thing TripAdvisor suggests doing in Pawhuska, OK is feasting your senses at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. Pawhuska is certainly not downtown Manhattan, nor would it ever want to be. It is, however, the location where Ree Drummond's beloved restaurant The Mercantile sits, delighting fans of American cuisine and baked goods made right in the heartland.

The Mercantile began its journey to provide carbs to everyone back in 2016, on October 31. When the Halloween date again rolled around, Drummond took to Instagram to express her gratitude for its success. "So proud of the entire staff at The Mercantile, so grateful to our town for all the support, and so thankful for every single person who has visited us from near and far!!" she wrote.

Anyone who hasn't seen The Mercantile menu is missing out on a range of breakfast and lunch dishes that sound delightful. The restaurant serves pot pies, scrambles, burritos, and sandwiches so hearty they belong in a metal lunch box eaten by a construction worker on a girder. It also has breakfast baked goods that will allow you to start your day with the proper sugar high.