Trader Joe's Fans Are Unimpressed With The Returning Horseradish & Chives Potato Chips Flavor

When it comes to developing new product flavors, Trader Joe's has definitely earned a reputation for thinking outside the box. This is, after all, the brand that introduced Thanksgiving stuffing-seasoned kettle chips, Ube purple yam-flavored ice cream, and Green Goddess gouda and some of the Trader Joe's food items have cult followings. So, it should come as no surprise that they have brought back their ridge-cut potato chips seasoned with horseradish and chives. 

As far as popularity goes, making horseradish the star of any offering is risky. Like liver and Brussels sprouts, this is a polarizing food that incites strong opinions from both its fans and foes. In a Correlated survey of 404 people, only 51% admitted to liking horseradish. An interesting sidenote, however, shows that its popularity dramatically increases among turtleneck sweater wearers, climbing to a whopping 72% in favor of this condiment. This flavor's relatively small fanbase hasn't stopped this retailer as their horseradish and chive chips are back on store shelves right now. In fact, Trader Joe's is so excited about this offering's return that it is an entry on the list of "unique table-able foods" available this holiday season. 

If you have yet to encounter a bag of these chips bearing this unusual flavor (and the whole idea somewhat frightens you), here is what folks are saying about it online. 

Not everyone is a fan of this unusual flavor

When the Instagram account @traderjoeslist enthusiastically announced that horseradish and chive ridge-cut potato chips were back, many less-than-celebratory responses poured in. Several commenters were disappointed by the chips' overly mild flavor, demanding more horseradish, while one simply stated they were "gross." Another questioned the graphics on the bag, saying all the blank space looks like a misprint. Surely, someone somewhere enjoys this repeat flavor and finds it hard to stop eating the potato chips.

The Chip Reviewer gave a take on this offering that included the word "blehh" (which is never a good sign) and stated that they were "soft with a chew" and lacked a crunchy crisp. Their overall rating was a mere 4.1 out of 10. It's not all doom and gloom for this horseradish chip though. When Reddit user u/NotKemoSabe asked r/traderjoes when these chips would be returning, several commenters admitted to also eagerly awaiting their arrival. One said they were so good, they were dangerous, while another said she was starting to get anxious as they hadn't returned yet. And the folks at Trader Joe's Reviews have given this chip almost a full five stars saying they want this flavor all year long. 

Clearly, these chips are as divisive as the horseradish that coats them. The only thing you can do is try them for yourself and join the "yay" or "nay" camp.