Here's How 54% Of People Are Getting Their Thanksgiving Feast On

When you think of Thanksgiving, the first thing you likely think of is the food — or rather, the feast. There's the roast turkey in all of its glory, carved into juicy slices just begging for a splash of gravy or a dollop of cranberry sauce. There are all of the side dishes, including green bean casserole topped with crispy onions and fluffy mashed potatoes smothered with pats of melty butter. And, of course, there's the plethora of desserts, from the classic creamy pumpkin pie to warm apple pie served a la mode.

Even if there are some dishes that seem to be on almost everyone's Turkey Day menu, not everyone celebrates the holiday the same way. To find out how Americans plan on enjoying their Thanksgiving feast this year, Mashed polled 622 people across the country on how they're "preparing" the big meal, whether that's spending hours in the kitchen or ordering from a meal delivery service. Here's what more than half of people say they'll be doing come November 24.

Most Americans are making homemade Turkey Day dinners

Despite the fact that whipping up an entire Thanksgiving feast from scratch takes a lot of time and work, that's what the majority of people plan to do this Turkey Day. According to Mashed's poll results, 54% of Americans say they'll be preparing their holiday meal themselves. 

As for what will be on the table, a YouGov survey found that stuffing, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes are the most popular side dishes on Thanksgiving. (The items most likely to be store-bought, meanwhile, are dinner rolls and cranberry sauce.) And for dessert, a FinanceBuzz survey reports that pumpkin pie is the must-have, followed by apple and sweet potato.

What will the rest of Americans be doing for Thanksgiving dinner? Some 26% say they'll be enjoying food that someone else prepared, while 9% will be eating out at a restaurant. About 6% of people plan to get their Thanksgiving feast delivered, and just 4% will be skipping the holiday meal altogether.