Aldi Shoppers Are Raving About Its Truffle Gnocchi

As the year draws to a close and the days get colder, many of us turn to warmer, heartier meals. And who could say no to a warm bowl of soup or pot pie? Recently, Mashed conducted a survey of our readers, which found that fall was the most popular time of year for seasonal foods.

And what's heartier than a big plate of gnocchi? While it's not an inherently seasonal dish (in fact, in Argentina they eat gnocchi once a month, per Food Republic), it's certainly dense, filling, and served warm. Plus, there are plenty of recipes for fall gnocchi that use seasonal ingredients and spices.

If this all sounds like a good night's dinner to you, then Aldi might have just what you're looking for. The supermarket chain just released a new truffle-stuffed gnocchi, as spotted by Instagram user @adventuresinaldi, and fans are loving it — and not just because truffles are in right now.

What the fans are saying

Aldi fans made their thoughts known in the comments section of the @adventuresinaldi Instagram post.

"The truffle is phenomenal! Boiled first, then pan-seared with butter and garlic. Served with shrimp scampi in a cream sauce .... Chef's kiss," wrote one user, while another pointed out that the truffle gnocchi were filled with ricotta and described them as "bomb." Another dedicated Aldi account wrote that they served the truffle gnocchi last week with some Alfredo sauce. "SOOO GOOD!" @aldifoodie wrote.

But some users had some concerns about the product. On Reddit, a discussion broke out about whether the truffle gnocchi was gluten-free. A Redditor on the r/glutenfree community, who said they were new to the gluten-free diet, posted a photo of the package's ingredients list, and users discussed their thoughts in the comments. One user explained that they "don't see any gluten-containing ingredients, but Aldi is really good about marking things gluten-free so I would assume there's some cross-contamination or something preventing them from marking these gluten-free."

Many users agreed that there was a certain level of risk associated with it, but some were willing to take that risk. One user wrote, "No gluten ingredients, produced in Italy, distributed by Aldi. Three green lights." Another explained they had "eaten these before with no issues, although not this exact flavor." No matter what, it seems, people are eager to get their hands on these truffle gnocchi from Aldi.