Mashed's Exclusive Survey Uncovers People's Favorite Season For Food

There are holidays worth celebrating every season, and no gathering would be complete without food. In the fall, you have Thanksgiving, a holiday in which families and friends gather to reveal what they're most appreciative of. According to YouGov America, turkey serves as the main dish for 86% of families. In accompaniment, 75% of gatherings include popular Thanksgiving side dishes mashed potatoes and stuffing, 69% of meals include dinner rolls, and 66% of Americans top off their meals with a pumpkin pie. In the winter, latkes and sufganiyot are eaten for Hanukkah, and roasted potatoes are the most popular Christmas food, followed by mashed potatoes and turkey, per YouGov America.

Celebrated in the spring, Easter mixes up the menu a bit. Per Info USA, the most common Easter dish is ham, followed by lamb and hot cross buns. At summertime, folks in the United States throw a firework-filled party for Independence Day. Instead of a large sit-down meal, the Fourth of July menu typically consists of cheeseburgers and french fries for 58% of the population (per Newsweek). With so many great meals, it may be hard to decide which is the best. That's why Mashed conducted a survey to find out what our readers think about each season's food.

Fall takes the pie

Here at Mashed, we conducted an exclusive survey of our readers to find out which season serves up the best food. Out of 582 participants, 41.92% say that fall comes in first place. In second place, winter received 30.93% of votes, while summer came in third place with 17.01% of votes. That leaves spring, which garnered 10.14% of votes.

Though Thanksgiving is America's primary fall holiday, there are several other celebrations that take place in autumn. One such holiday is Diwali, a five-day Hindu celebration marking the win of good over evil (per Parade). Like American holidays, food is majorly important in Diwali celebrations. According to Times of India, popular dishes include Aloo Bonda, a crispy snack made of graham powder and stuffed with potatoes, and a rice flour-based murukku. Other fall holidays include Germany's Oktoberfest, Saudi Arabia's Eid al-Ahda, and Mexico's Day of the Dead (via Dynamic Language).