Marks & Spencer's Percy Pig Candy Icon Is Making His Way To Target

Procuring British goodies to gift to others may not result in earning quite as many frequent flyer miles as you'd think, given the recent news that Target will be bringing a lineup of treats from UK retailer Marks & Spencer to its stores this season. For the collaboration, Food & Wine reports that 15 Marks & Spencer products will be available in most Target locations, as well as on the chain's website starting in mid-November. While it doesn't look like the M&S treats have arrived just yet, a little rooting around on Target's website reveals that a prominent pig will probably be featured in the lineup.

The name Percy Pig will likely ring a bell with many Marks & Spencer shoppers. After all, according to The Independent, the candy icon first arrived in M&S stores all the way back in 1992 as the mascot of a pig face-shaped gelatinous sweet that was offered in berry and grape flavors. Since those early days, Percy has lived quite the life: getting married, fathering offspring, and being featured on merchandise ranging from juice cartons to bed linens (via The Independent). From the looks of things, Target shoppers will have a few sweet Percy Pig treats to choose from.

Target will have three festive Percy Pig products

Santa Clause may come to town in December, but it looks like Percy Pig is hitting the states on November 16. According to Target's website, three Marks & Spencer Percy Pig items will be available to order on that date beginning at 3 a.m. EST as part of Target's collaboration with M&S. The trifecta includes a tin of shortcake cookie sandwiches filled with jam and crème, a tin mailbox-themed piggy bank filled with fruit-flavored foil-wrapped coins, and netted bags holding those same coins. From the looks of Percy Pig's Instagram, the candy coins and shortcake cookies are already available at Marks & Spencer, and some fans are pretty excited, including one follower who responded, "I love the Percy post box sooo cute."

Though Percy Pig may be new to some Americans, Percy's voice may sound familiar to many — especially Spider-Man fans. Last year, Tom Holland became the first actor to voice the candy icon in a Christmas-themed commercial (via YouTube). For more proof of Percy's successful life, in 2021, The Independent reported Marks & Spencer was selling around "10 Percy Pig sweets every second of the day." 

Of course, whether or not Percy will be a hit at Target remains to be seen, but if the collab is successful, who knows, maybe next year a certain caterpillar will join the stateside festivities.