GBBO's Janusz Took To 10 Downing Street To Discuss #Springrollgate

Cooking competition shows are rife with scandal. On "Hell's Kitchen," Matthew Francis Johnson smuggled in a meat thermometer, according to IMDB. On "Top Chef," Bravo reports that Marcel Vigneron was assaulted and had his head shaved. Then, there's The Great British Bake Off (GBBO), wherein the world was rocked by "Bingate" when Metro says a contestant left another competitor's ice cream out and threw it in the bin. Though this was tragic and devastating, it might be eclipsed by #springrollgate.

Each week, the bakers of GBBO are tasked with a challenge. Sometimes, this means making custard, which brought about its own controversy when it eliminated music teacher Kevin from the show. Other times, it involves making spring rolls, which is how the most recent disaster began. During the competition, Digital Spy claims that the contestants were asked to make eight spring rolls in 80 minutes. 

At the end of 80 minutes, each contestant should have had eight spring rolls prepared — but Janusz Domagala, the cheery movie prop collector, ended up making only seven rolls. With this egregious breach of trust, some have said they're unable to sleep (via Twitter). To ease the woes of the world, Domagala has released a statement.

Janusz apologized and tried to offer clarity

In an effort to calm the populace and maintain order during #springrollgate, Janusz Domagala announced on Instagram that he would address the matter. He then took to TikTok to explain to the world what occurred on GBBO, and where — if anywhere — the final spring roll might be.

"I stand before you as a mostly honest man," said Domagala while standing outside of a projection of 10 Downing Street, the office of the UK Prime Minister. "I would like to apologize to you, the people that live in my phone ... I would like to explain what happened," he claimed. However, his address went off the rails when he admitted, "I don't know what happened!" He then began assigning potential blame, claiming "sources" said that Prue Leith may have eaten the missing roll.

This does not seem like the kind of behavior anyone wants from a leader, nor a baker on a competition show addressing a scandal. Domagala showed little regard for the missing spring roll, and as of this time, the roll remains unaccounted for. There has been no indication that authorities are looking into the matter, and the superpowers of the world have remained suspiciously silent. It's possible this is the beginning of the end. Hold your loved ones close.