The Truth About Janusz From Great British Bake Off Season 13

The name of the show might be "The Great British Bake Off" but that doesn't mean every element of the show is comprehensively and solely British. Contestants in past seasons have incorporated elements of many other cultures into their bakes and presentations. One member of the Season 13 field of contestants, Janusz, appears primed to keep that trend alive.

The appreciation for diverse ethnicities and heritages has been larger than just those that former contestants have themselves brought to the table. In truth, it's been baked into the show. For example, Season 12 featured a German Week according to Eater London and the BBC highlighted a French Week during Season 4 (not to mention Season 11's controversial Japanese Week, per Insider). Although Season 13 of GBBO will be postponed due to the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, it would break precedent if the forthcoming season didn't feature another episode devoted to a nationality other than British. Janusz might find that highlighted nationality quite familiar or foreign depending on which one the show's producers choose.

Janusz and his baking muse

As Janusz's name suggests and "The Great British Bake Off" confirms, Janusz's heritage and approach to baking are distinctly Polish. GBBO says Janusz migrated to the United Kingdom from Poland, where he grew up, about a decade ago. His mother, who made a habit of baking each Saturday, introduced him to the craft and Janusz now takes every opportunity to put a Polish spin on his baked goods according to Yahoo! News.

Viewers shouldn't expect a lack of flair in his bakes as the season moves along, either. Yahoo! News states Janusz likes to incorporate campy elements and colors into his treats. It's fitting because, as GBBO explains, Janusz is an avid fan of drag shows and items from film sets. According to GBBO, the 34-year-old Janusz works as a personal assistant and lives in East Sussex with his boyfriend plus their dog Nigel and a statue of RuPaul. GBBO adds that among Janusz's favorite ingredients are chocolate and ginger, so that could be another thing to look for as he competes.

There's no indication yet of whether GBBO Season 13 will include a Polish Week but if it does, Janusz should be able to fill everyone in on important items like what paczki are and when to eat them. Janusz's paczki could be quite untraditional and colorful if he does get the chance to make them, with a stunning flair worthy of any drag brunch.