Instagram Is Furious Over Whole Foods' Unhelpful Squash Hack

For many of us, it doesn't get better than a good cooking or food hack. Maybe it only shaves five seconds off our prep time, maybe it only has one less step than a standard recipe, or maybe it only makes the task at hand a teeny-tiny bit easier. Regardless, a hack is a hack.

Of course, all this goes to say that not every "hack" actually increases efficiency or makes things any easier. While some food hacks are game changers -– like TikTok's trick for peeling garlic by microwaving the cloves first -– other tricks aren't worth the hassle, and some food hacks are actually dangerous. Yes, we're talking about that "hack" that will turn condensed milk into dulce de leche if you leave it on the stove for a few hours. Please don't try it unless you are prepared for a small explosion.

Whole Foods recently shared a hack that falls somewhere between "helpful" and "pointless." Although the grocery chain's suggestion had good intentions, Instagram immediately shredded it to bits, much like the hack does to squash. So what was it about this hack that had Instagram so upset?

Not every hack is actually a good hack

If you've ever struggled with making long noodles out of your spaghetti squash, congrats, you're part of this hack's target audience. Unfortunately for Whole Foods, Instagram was generally displeased with the store's squash-centric reel, with many people saying Whole Foods' method way takes more work.

According to the hack, the easiest way to spaghettize your squash is by slicing it into circles prior to cooking. However, this can lead to other problems, as Instagram users pointed out. One person asked, "Who can cut a spaghetti squash more than once?" while another asked, "How is this a hack when it's more work than cutting it lengthwise and baking?" Still others offered their own tips, recommending that you cook your squash first before trying to cut into it.

All that said, Whole Foods did manage to impress a few people. Some were quick to include this method among the best ways to cook spaghetti squash, calling it "genius" and a "great tip." Another person commented, "I love this! Never thought about cutting/cooking it that way!" At least this hack helped a few people cut the prep time on their favorite spaghetti squash recipes.