30 TikTok Food Hacks That Are Total Game Changers

There's nothing quite like the thrill of stumbling across a new life hack that will help make your day-to-day a little easier. TikTok is full of food hacks that are practically guaranteed to change the game in your kitchen. Whether you're tired of feeling like you can never peel an egg without it turning into a frustrating mess or you've been looking for a faster way to cup up grape tomatoes, there's a hack to help you out. 

The best thing about hacks is that they're often easier than you imagined, leaving you wondering why you didn't come up with them yourself. But don't feel bad. These videos tend to go viral because, as simple as the food hacks seem, most people just didn't know. So even if you don't know the first thing about TikTok, be sure to check out these videos and put a few tricks to the test. You could be very surprised.

Get the perfect coffee creamer pour

If you regularly find yourself frustrated by the foil seal on your coffee creamer (it can be hard to get a nail under that lid, after all), TikTok user @carlyrose_352 has a hack you'll want to try. Instead of using your nails to peel the seal back, remove the whole lid from your creamer. Then, open it up to locate the raised plastic oval on the underside of the lid. 

Place the open lid over the top of the creamer's foil seal so the plastic oval is pressing against the foil. Then, press down with your palm. Just like that, the plastic oval will pop open the foil's center to create the perfect pouring slot. Screw the creamer's lid back in place. Now, when you open up the lid, you can pour your creamer without ever having had to completely remove the foil seal. How easy was that? 

Store your plastic wrap in the freezer

How many times have you tried to apply plastic wrap to a bowl or pan, only to end up with sheets of the stuff crumpled up and sticking to itself in a million places — but never to the bowl or pan in question? Well, get ready to have your mind blown like TikTok user @officialtiktoknurse did when her aunt let her in on a plastic wrap secret — you're supposed to store it in the freezer. 

When the plastic is cold, it's easier to tear it off the roll and apply it to your pots, pans, and plates without it sticking to itself. Simply separate the piece you want to use and apply it to the item you're trying to cover. As the plastic wrap warms back up to room temperature, it'll soon stick to the item you've covered, rather than itself. 

Prevent drips on the sides of prep bowls

How many times have you poured raw eggs from a bowl into a pan, only to leave a long drip down the side of the bowl? It's not a huge deal, right? But then you place the bowl on your counter and the egg ends up dripping to the bottom of the bowl, leaving a ring of raw egg behind. Yuck!

TikTok user @andrew_gatt has a simple hack for that. Instead of turning the bowl upside down, then turning it right side up, he says you should turn the bowl in a complete circle in one direction. You will need both hands to turn the bowl effectively, but it means the egg will end up falling back into the bowl, keeping the outside clean. This doesn't apply to just bowls or eggs, either. Use the trick with batters, oils, or any other serving dish and liquid.

Peel your garlic cloves with a microwave

Peeling fresh garlic is kind of annoying. The peel isn't always easy to separate from the garlic, it can leave a sticky residue, and your hands might smell of garlic for hours. If you use a knife, you still usually need to dig at the edges for a few seconds to pull the garlic away. 

TikTok user @syedakushi has a trick for that. You still end up using your hands to remove the garlic from its "shell," but if you simply pop the cloves in the microwave for 30 seconds first, the peel separates from the clove much more easily. So, the next time you're looking to make an extra garlicky dish, like hummus, garlic bread, or garlic roasted potatoes, add a mere 30 seconds to your prep time with the microwave. You may just end up earning that extra time back when you see how much faster it is to peel your garlic. 

Create the perfect runny-yolk egg packet

It's tough to cook an egg just right with a set white and runny yolk. But TikTok user @sunnycusine has a solution: cook the white separately from the yolk, then add the yolk back in. It may take a couple of practice runs before you perfect the trick, but it's a pretty cool hack. 

Start by separating the yolk from the egg white. Then, pour the white into a pre-heated non-stick pan, tilting the pan so the white coats the bottom in a thin sheet. When the white is set, place the uncooked yolk in the center. Using your fingers, carefully lift each side of the white, pulling it over the top of the yolk. Ultimately, you'll end up with a square-shaped packet and the yolk nestled inside. Continue cooking for several seconds per side, allowing the edges to turn a light gold as the yolk cooks.

Separate pomegranate seeds underwater

If you love pomegranate seeds but hate the process of separating them from the peel, TikTok user @jenn_kerr_ has a simple solution for you. All you have to do is cut halfway through the pomegranate from the top, then submerge the fruit in a bowl of cold water. There, use your hands to break the pomegranate apart and begin separating the seeds. The skin rises to the surface of the water and the seeds sink to the bottom, making it easy to discard the parts you don't want.

Just like that, you've got all your pomegranate seeds ready to enjoy without staining your hands. The beautiful part of this trick is that, once you've mastered a stain-free peel, you'll be more likely to eat pomegranate more often. Go ahead and bookmark recipes for pomegranate couscous and pomegranate seed guacamole. You know you're ready to try them.

Use veggie scraps to make homemade broth

If you've been throwing away your onion and potato peels, basil leaves that aren't quite up to snuff, the sliced-off ends of your lettuce, and, well, pretty much any other vegetable scrap, it's time to make a change. TikTok user @the_eugefood says they're perfect for making vegetable broth. 

Of course, scraps from a single meal probably aren't going to do you any good, so you have to save them up. Simply grab a gallon-sized freezer bag and, every time you make a meal, throw your vegetable scraps in the bag and store it in the freezer. When the bag is full, put the scraps in a pot, fill it with water, add a few aromatics, and bring the whole thing to a boil. Let it simmer for at least 20 minutes. You'll be left with homemade vegetable stock that you can use for soups or other recipes. 

Use your hand to determine meat doneness

It can be hard to know how to cook your meat just so. When you want a medium steak, but end up with well done, it's disappointing. TikTok user @pierre.le.chef says there's a hack for that. All you need is your own hand. Essentially, when you make an "OK" sign with your thumb and fingers, the resulting "stiffness" of your palm between your wrist and the base of your thumb corresponds with the doneness level of your meat. 

If you make the symbol with your thumb and pointer finger, your palm is the equivalent to rare steak. When you make the symbol with your middle finger, it's like a medium-rare steak. When you use your ring finger or pinkie finger, your palm has the toughness of a medium or well-done steak, respectively. With some practice, you'll be able to compare the "give" of your palm to a perfectly done steak.

Make wraps easier by softening tortillas

If making a wrap sandwich at home usually results in your wrap falling apart, you're not alone. But, never fear, as TikTok user @masterofmunchies has some tips. The key to a great wrap is to get your tortilla a little "stretchy." To do this, add a few drops of water to each side of the tortilla and spread it around. Then, pop the tortilla in the microwave for five seconds.

From here, fill your tortilla with the goodies of your choice. Fold the left and right sides of the tortilla toward the center and press down. Use pressure to pull the two edges of the tortilla away from the centerline, essentially using the tortilla to spread the fillings outward. From here, use your thumbs to fold the bottom edge up and over the filling. This also encloses the two sides. Finally, use your fingers to tuck the top edge of the tortilla under the filling and roll the wrap up.

Slice watermelon with a Pringles can

Granted, there are lots of ways to slice a watermelon, none of which are particularly hard, but most of them involve using a sharp knife, a time-consuming melon baller, or leave you covered in watermelon juice. So, the next time you're craving watermelon, rinse out an empty, full-size Pringles can and give this hack from @thecrafty.video a try. 

All you have to do to slice perfect circles of watermelon is to slice the ends off of a small watermelon, just enough off to expose the fruit on each side. Then, press the open end of the Pringles can against one side of the watermelon, working it back and forth until it goes all the way through the watermelon. Then, pull the can out and remove the watermelon from the can. You'll have a perfect cylinder of watermelon that you can slice into perfect, single-serving circles.

Enjoy a bowl of pancake cereal

You know those delectable "tiny pancakes" that form when you accidentally drip pancake batter from your spoon onto the skillet? Well, what if you could eat a whole bowl of those? TikTok user @melanie_locke shows you how to make your own pancake cereal for a casual Saturday morning at home. 

Simply make your pancake batter as you usually would, but instead of spooning out full-sized pancakes onto your skillet, put small, roughly nickel- to quarter-sized drips of batter all over (you may want to use a clean condiment squeeze bottle to get the size right). Cook the mini pancakes on medium to medium-high heat for one to two minutes per side. You want the outside to be golden brown and crispy. Transfer the mini pancakes to a bowl and top with butter, syrup, or fresh fruit for a fun update on a classic breakfast.

Get the perfect grilled cheese flip

Get ready to have your mind blown — you've been flipping your grilled cheese sandwiches wrong your whole life. No, really. TikTok user @donnabonnana provides her husband's tip for getting the perfect flip. Instead of lifting the sandwich off the skillet and flipping it over (as would seem normal, but always seems to result in the bread and cheese sliding off-kilter, forcing you to try to "save" the sandwich by quickly putting it back together before the cheese sticks to the skillet), you simply lift the sandwich off the pan with the spatula. 

Then lift the pan, turn it over, and place it on top of the grilled cheese sandwich, pressing the sandwich between the spatula and the pan. From here, turn the spatula and pan back over in unison and place back on the stove. Just like that, you've flipped your grilled cheese without the mess!

Serve your cake in wine glasses

Sure, you can slice your cake into perfect slices and dirty up a bunch of plates, knives, and forks, or you can start your celebration off with a glass of wine. When your guests finish imbibing, allow them to serve their own cake in their wine glass, says TikTok user @theroseperiod

Instead of slicing a piece of cake, you and your guests each invert a wine glass and insert it rim-down into the cake (it's important to aim at an edge, rather than inserting it into the middle of the cake). When you pull the glass out and flip it upright again, you have a nice serving of cake in your glass. Just grab a fork and dig in! Then, when you're done, rinse out your glass and pour another serving of wine. You'll enjoy the same great party with many fewer dirty dishes!

Prevent popsicles from dripping on your hand

This food hack may be hyped as the perfect popsicle drip solution for toddlers, but adults admittedly need this hack, too. Everyone loves a cold popsicle on a hot, summer day, and even if you understand the speed at which a popsicle melts, it's not always possible to keep up with the drips. Not to mention, boozy cocktail popsicles are a summer adult favorite, so popsicles aren't just for kids

This TikTok food hack from @tiffanybornejones couldn't be more simple — you catch wayward popsicle drips and keep your hands clean by using a cupcake liner on the popsicle stick. Just cut a slit in the bottom to slide it on the popsicle stick. You can also easily jab the stick through the paper and slide it up to the bottom of the popsicle to create your drip-catcher in practically no time at all. 

Cut small produce faster

Slicing up grapes or small tomatoes can be annoying and time-consuming. Luckily, there's a hack for that. As TikTok user @feelgoodfoodie demonstrates with cherry tomatoes, you can slice a whole container with of tomatoes in one or two quick passes of a knife. Simply place what you want to slice on an inverted plate or a food container lid. Try to get a "tight fit" across the surface to prevent the tomatoes from moving around too much as you slice. 

Then, place a second plate or lid on top of the tomatoes. Use one hand to lightly hold the top plate in place, then use your other hand to slice through the tomatoes, cutting all of them at the same time. And, of course, this hack also works with grapes, olives, or any other similarly-sized fruit or veggie. Just be sure to work carefully and use a sharp knife.

Turn microwave popcorn bags into serving bowls

Microwave popcorn is an easy snack, right? It takes just a couple of minutes to make, and you can eat it straight from the bag or dump it into a bowl to share. Technically, sharing from the bag isn't hard to do, either, but it's a little less convenient ... unless you know this food hack from TikTok user @momlikeaboss

Instead of opening the bag in a vertical position with a relatively narrow opening, she turns the bag on its side and uses a pair of scissors to cut a large hole. This creates a kind of "bowl," making it easier to eat (and share) the popcorn straight from the bag. And again, even though this is pitched as a hack for moms with young kids, you can't claim that this didn't just make your popcorn, wine, and Netflix nights a whole lot better.

Trick your kids into eating the end pieces of bread

Some food hacks really are perfect for parents. Take, for instance, this hack from TikTok user @theology_and_coffee_mom on how to trick your picky preschooler into eating the end pieces of a loaf of bread. As she says in her video description, "I'm not throwing the end piece away." Neither should you. 

If you're making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, for instance, place the fillings on the crust side of the bread. When you flip it over to place it on top of your other piece of bread, it means that the crust is face-down and covered. All your child should see is the white inner part of the bread on top. Even if your child is super smart (aren't they all?), they won't be the wiser for your trick. Well, unless they're paying eagle-eyed attention, which we can't guarantee.

Easily split bananas into thirds for your toddler

Bananas are one of those perennially popular kid snacks that both parents and tots seem to love. But not all little kids are ready to take whole bites out of the bananas. Instead of cutting them into slices, try this hack from @reneemj.miller. Apparently, if you take a banana out of its peel, then place light pressure around the banana as you turn it horizontally, it will split into three equally sized, but smaller logs. 

These pieces are easier for small children to hold and bite into. Plus, if you have a couple of little kids and you don't think any of them will eat a whole banana on their own, this is a great way to get them to share. Once the banana is split, consider smearing a bit of peanut butter on top to add a little extra protein to the snack.

Fold tortillas into quadrants for better quesadillas

Quesadillas are a delicious way to mix up your standard weekday lunch menu with a crispy shell and the chance to try different fillings. But making a traditional quesadilla can be a little messy and unwieldy, especially if you're trying to flip it with a spatula on a skillet. Luckily, there's a way to enjoy the perfect stuffed quesadilla without the cheesy mess, as TikTok user @feelgoodfoodie shows you how to do it using a single, large tortilla. 

Simply slice halfway across the tortilla on one side. Using this slice as a guide, place up to four ingredients on top in four quadrants. Using the TikTok example as your guide, fold the quadrant with the guacamole up over the salsa, then fold the guac and salsa over the shredded chicken, then fold this section over the cheese. Just like that, you have the makings of a perfect hand-held quesadilla.

Try a one-pan breakfast sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches are pretty easy to make, but usually, they involve cooking all the ingredients separately. TikTok user @foodfafsla22 has a solution for making a decked-out breakfast sandwich all in a single pan. Start by pouring your pre-whisked eggs into a hot skillet. Immediately place your two slices of bread in the still-runny eggs, flipping so the eggs coat both sides of the bread. Let the eggs cook about halfway, then flip everything to cook the opposite side. 

As the second side is cooking, place additional toppings on one slice of the bread. When the eggs have finished cooking, use a spatula to fold the parts of the egg touching the pan over the bread. Then, use the spatula to fold the slice of bread without the additional toppings over the other slice. And just like that, you have a breakfast sandwich ready to go!

Get fresh-squeezed lemon juice without a knife

The next time you want fresh lemon juice, don't slice your lemon in half and squeeze each side, squeezing out the seeds and pulp at the same time. Instead, use TikTok user @jacquibaihn's viral hack. For a simpler and less messy time, first roll your lemon with light pressure on your countertop to soften the pulp inside.

Then, use a skewer (metal or wood will work just fine here) and poke a hole vertically through your lemon from one end almost to the other, stopping before you pierce through the opposite end of the lemon. Just like that, your lemon is ready to squeeze. Pull the skewer out of the lemon, and point the fruit, hole side down, toward a glass or bowl. Then, begin squeezing. A stream of juice should squirt out the hole and into the waiting container without any messy seeds or pulp.

Hull a strawberry with a straw

Hulling strawberries is a bit of a pain. If you slice the tops off, you're cutting away usable fruit. The berries also end up losing part of their pretty shape, too. Granted, this hack from TikTok user @deanedwardschef on how to hull a strawberry won't be any less time-consuming than slicing off the tops (you still have to hull each strawberry one by one), but you don't lose part of the strawberry shape. Moreover, you're primarily removing the leaves, stem, and the inner white hull. 

Simply take a straw, line it up with the bottom of the strawberry, and twist it around a little bit to start cutting through the fruit. Then press it straight up until the stem pops off. Pull the straw back out of the berry, and your strawberry is perfectly hulled. Bonus eco-conscious points if you use a reusable straw.

Do the reverse pasta drain

Okay, you know how to make pasta. But chances are you've tried to use the lid of your pot to drain the water off your pasta, and ended up dumping the entire pot into your sink. Even if you haven't, pouring the pasta into a colander, only to pour it back into the pot again seems unnecessary. According to TikTok user @keltonflinders, it is

Instead, try reverse draining your pasta. Take your colander and place it inside your pot, right side up, so the bottom of the colander is on top of the pasta. Wearing oven mitts, grasp the sides of the colander and the pot, pressing the edges together to prevent the pasta from escaping. From here, pour the water out of the pot through the drain holes on the colander. The pasta remains in the pot, and the colander keeps the pasta secure.

Use a water bottle to remove egg yolks

Separating egg yolks from the whites isn't necessarily hard, but there's almost always room for error. Now, sure, you can buy egg-separating tools, but why go to all that trouble if you have an empty water bottle lying around? This cool food hack from TikTok user @davidparody1 takes mere seconds to do and is practically foolproof. 

Start by cracking open your eggs and putting them in a bowl or other container, with the whites and yolks together (although be sure to keep the yolk intact). Take the lid off a clean, empty water bottle (the disposable kind). Squeeze the water bottle slightly and place the open end over the yolk in the bowl. Ease up on the sides of the water bottle to release the pressure and the water bottle will suck the yolk up. You can then transfer the yolk to another bowl.

Use a water glass to peel a mango

If you've never tried peeling a mango, you might not realize they're slippery little suckers. Luckily, TikTok user @j.tumba has a solution for your mango-peeling woes: a drinking glass. Start by cutting your mango into large pieces — you won't be able to cut it directly in half due to the seed in the middle, but try to cut close to the edges of the seed on either side. 

Then, holding the peel-side of one of the slices in one hand, and a drinking glass in the other, dig the edge of the glass between the peel and flesh. Then press down, applying pressure to help the glass cut all the way through the fruit. The mango ends up inside the glass and the peel in your hand. Trust us, this seriously comes in handy if you like making a lot of mango smoothies

Make cinnamon roll waffles

Waffles are good, but cinnamon roll waffles? These TikTok users don't play. When you're looking for a breakfast that could pass as a dessert or vice versa, you need to whip up this genius hack courtesy of TikTok user @fitwaffle. Simply buy a prepared can of cinnamon rolls from your grocery store. But instead of following the directions on the package, cut the dough into six even slices and place them on your waffle iron. 

Cook the slices just as you would regular waffles. When they're done, mix together the icing that came with the package and drizzle over the top. You can enjoy them as-is or amp up the flavor by topping with fresh fruit, sliced almonds, raisins, or even chocolate chips. There's no denying that this is a super-sweet treat, so pair it with coffee or a spicy chai tea to balance out the sweetness.

Peel an egg in seconds

Watching this egg-peeling TikTok hack from user @zachcreanofficial can feel like you're watching a magic show. If you're not left at the end of the video thinking, "What did I just witness?!" you're probably pretty unshakeable. And considering what a giant hassle peeling eggs can be, a cool and potentially time-saving hack like this one is certainly worth a shot. 

All you need to do is take a boiled egg and tap the pointier end lightly on your counter to create a small hole. Peel away a small piece of the shell at that end. Then flip the egg over and tap the larger end lightly on your counter, this time creating a slightly larger hole. Place your lips over the small hole and put your hand under the egg. Blow forcefully and the egg will pop right out of the shell into your hand! 

Use floss to cut a cake

Put your cake slicers and big kitchen knives away. The next time you need to cut a cake, pull out a package of dental floss (the unflavored kind — you probably don't want to impart any mint flavor onto your cake) to get the job done. TikTok user @inmyseams demonstrates by using a length of floss that's longer than the width of the cake, with enough room left on each side to comfortably hold the ends of the floss in your hands. 

With the floss pulled tight, decide where you want to slice your cake, place the floss over the cake and press straight down with both hands. You'll get a quick and clean slice all the way across the cake. You can use this for rectangular or round cakes, but it's especially handy to get those nice, even triangular pieces when slicing a round cake. 

Make a Frappuccino slushie

You know those bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino you can buy at the grocery store? They're delicious when you consume them chilled from your fridge, but did you know you can turn them into a slushie, not unlike the Frappuccinos you buy from Starbucks itself? TikTok user @naatalie_lee shows how it's done — simply place a bottle in the freezer for two hours. When you remove the bottle, the Frappuccino will still appear to be liquid, but when you give it a shake — bam! — it transforms into a frozen slushie delight. 

Of course, be careful not to leave your bottle in the freezer for too long, as the glass can crack. Just remember to set a timer. Or, if you don't want to risk cracked glass, you can always make Frappuccino popsicles — just pour the liquid from the bottle into a popsicle mold and enjoy them when ready.

Try a toaster quesadilla

On the surface, the idea of a toaster quesadilla sounds like a disaster (and a visit from the fire department) waiting to happen. How in the world can you toast a quesadilla without the cheese melting inside the toaster? TikTok user @nomlist has the solution, and it all comes down to folding. To keep the recipe simple, all you need is a large flour tortilla and a quarter cup of the shredded cheese of your choice. 

Place the cheese in the middle, then fold one side over the cheese, followed by the other. Now, take the bottom edge and fold the entire thing in half. This creates sealed ends on three sides. Simply take this "pocket" of cheese and pop it in your toaster (open side up). Put the toaster's temp at medium heat. When it's done, you might need to remove it using chopsticks to avoid burning your fingers. Sit back and enjoy!