Halo Top Wants To Send An Ice Cream Lover To Rio De Janeiro

Dratted November and its farewell to Daylight Saving Time. With colder weather settling in and an impending lack of sunshine, it's hard not to envy your neighborhood rodents and their upcoming hibernation. And you're not alone in your dislike of this month. According to research by the University of Colorado, one of the most miserable times for Americans is Monday to Friday during November. If only there was a way to add some joy to this otherwise blah month. Thankfully, ice cream company Halo Top has come up with not one, but two ways that just might make your dreary November a tad brighter.

In a press release provided to Mashed, Halo Top revealed that it will be cruising select cities in "#LightenUp trucks" to "serve as literal beacons of light, touring the country to cut through the darkness and give away FREE light ice cream treats to satisfy stress cravings." Yes, free ice cream! That's bound to put a smile on your face. If you're dying to know if your city is on the list and when this magical truck will be making an appearance near you, you can check out Halo Top Creamery's event listings on its Facebook page.

And that's not the only way Halo Top wants brighten up November. The brand also wants to send one lucky individual on a refreshing trip to sunshiny Rio de Janeiro.

You can enter this giveaway starting November 6

Yes, low-calorie ice cream company Halo Top will be sending someone to Brazil's iconic Rio De Janeiro and that someone could be you. How can you win a vacation to this dream destination? According to the press release, contestants must "submit their entry in the depth of the darkness (aka after sunset ET when the Daylight Saving Time darkness descends)" at www.halotoplightenup.com. This means the sweepstakes launch will occur at exactly 4:46 p.m. ET on November 6 (yes, that's really how early the sun will start setting). People have until November 20 to enter. That's not all: Halo Top's contest page alludes to other prizes as well, including mention of "mood lamps" and whole pints of ice cream. 

Will a stint in sunny South America actually make for a happier November? Huffpost reports that a study by Brigham Young University showed that mental distress is higher in the general population when there's less sunlight. Tri-City Medical agrees, adding that exposure to sunshine increases your serotonin levels, helping to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. So, yes, time spent in this sunny locale can definitely increase feelings of happiness, proving that Halo Top may just be on to something. 

You might as well mark the date and time of the sweepstakes on your calendar, as you can't win if you don't enter. And don't forget, the #LightenUp truck may be coming to your neighborhood to give you free ice cream. Already, those November blues are fading away.