Duff Goldman's Hilarious Method For Consistent Flower Piping

Even if you've never thought about picking up a piping bag in your life, or have been too busy kicking in doors and taking scores to want to make a halfway decent ganache, it's likely that Duff Goldman can turn you around. The "Ace of Cakes" star has such an enthusiasm for baking and is such a master of the craft that even to hear him talk about it is alluring. He has the ability to make anyone fall in love with the sweet dance of sugar and flour.

When Goldman explains how to decorate a cake, he doesn't only provide the way to do a particular decoration, he also teaches how to set up your whole cake decorating system. He teaches you not only what to do with your tools, but how to orient your mind so that you can engage in the sometimes repetitive task of dressing up your baked goods.

In a video posted on Twitter to promote upcoming episodes of "Holiday Baking Championship," the baker begins by explaining how to hold a piping bag, noting how to apply the perfect amount of pressure so you have total control over the icing flow. Goldman advises on the grip of the piping bag, holding it between thumb and index finger. Then, he goes into the mental state he uses when piping decorative flowers, and then the fun begins.

Duff Goldman adds his own sound effects when he pipes flowers

When you have a title as unique as the Ace of Cakes, you cannot rest on your laurels. There's always some upstart who thinks they can out-ace you. (Or, out cake you. Whichever one means they win.) To hold on to that title, Duff Goldman needs to have a mindset that allows him to stay focused as he stirs, whips, blends, and frosts his sugary creations to perfection. The first thing he suggests is to keep your designs simple.

"You're just drawing circles," Goldman says in a Twitter video about making rosettes and other piped decorations on a cake. He shows that rosettes are simple circles made using his piping bag and star tip to create a flower shape.

"When you're doing something like this, what you really want to do is kind of get into a rhythm. Put on some music, music is really good for piping," Duff explains. Then, he reveals a secret that perhaps only the once and future Ace of Cakes might know, which is to make a sound in your head. "Wah," says Duff, as far as anyone can tell. "Wah," he repeats. "Wah," he says, yet again. Apparently, doing this in time with your flower piping is how you become the founder of Charm City Cakes and one of the most famous batter masters in the world. Take heed, and "wah" your way to better cake creation.