The Easiest Way To Eat Around The World Is On A 274-Night Cruise

With travel in full force throughout the globe, people are ready to scratch their vacationing itch. With the demand for travel higher than it has ever been –- air travel alone exceeding $7 billion in September 2022 with a 129% increase from 2021 (via Business Wire) -– companies are eager to offer prospective travelers once-in-a-lifetime, exclusive new travel itineraries (via Travel Agent Central).

One of the easiest ways to see multiple destinations on the same trip without planning all of the hard travel work is going on a cruise. With more than 25 million people setting sail on a destination cruise every year, the secret is starting to get out relating to cruises' many perks (via FCCA). In addition to the multiple destinations, guests are able to wine and dine over buffets and dozens of new restaurants and bars while onboard, as well as try out the exotic new flavors in whatever new country or city they find themselves in.

With clear visions of pairing food and travel together, famed cruise company Royal Caribbean has come up with the ultimate food and travel cruise.

Eat your way around the world

What could be better than a cruise where you eat an array of foods from around the world? While it sounds too good to be true, this is actually a trip you can take in real life. Royal Caribbean offers an Ultimate World Cruise where guests can dine on all seven of the world's continents throughout over 60 countries and 11 world wonders. If you're available for more than half the year -– 274 days and nights to be exact -– then tell your job, "Adiós," and prepare for the ultimate foodie adventure around the world.

If you don't have that much time, there's still plenty of opportunity to indulge in this food trip around the world. Setting sail in December 2023, the Ultimate World Cruise is segmented into four different parts. Depending on your global traveling and timing preferences, you can choose to eat and explore throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, East and Mediterranean, and Europe and "beyond" (via Royal Caribbean). While exploring all of these parts of the world, guests will have access to 18 bars and restaurants onboard, featuring exclusive luxury dining experiences with paired wines, fresh sushi, pasta, and more. Of course with all of the new places to visit, guests will also have ample opportunity to eat cultural and local cuisines as well.

Sounds like heaven on a ship...