GBBO's Syabira Didn't Celebrate Her Win, And Twitter Is Gushing

If you ask David Schwimmer of "Friends" fame, one of the great things about "The Great British Baking Off" is the camaraderie among the contestants. According to Hello! magazine, David Schwimmer told Radio Times, "I love it. There's such a good spirit on that show. It's competitive, but everyone's so lovely with each other."

According to the show's Season 14 application form, during the course of 10 weeks, the contestants on GBBO can spend as many as 21 days filming together. They aim to achieve the status of Star Baker each week and to win in the end. And while there's no prize besides a trophy and the title, it's enough to propel careers. However, that's not the only life-changing aspect of the bakers' time together. They're bound to form friendships, and that can mean feeling bad when someone a contestant has grown close to gets sent home. Season 13 contestant Syabira knows this from experience.

When Syabira received the title of Star Baker a third time in three weeks, she said, "I'm sorry I feel so confused. I don't know if I want to be happy or cry," per Express. While she was happy that she won, the fact that her friend Maxy was sent home put a damper on the situation. Her reaction made quite an impression on Twitter users.

Social media weighs in on Syabira's win

Multiple people on Twitter thought Syabira's response was sweet. User @Aquarius090294 posted, "Syabira couldn't even be happy about being star baker because she was so upset about Maxy leaving." "Protect this precious soul at all cost. Bless Syabira," said @Wandoful. It seems the Star Baker wasn't the only one with mixed emotions. @JessLMas seemed to express excitement about Syabira's win but was "gutted about Maxy." Other GBBO fans seemed more focused on singing Syabira's praises. In a glowing tweet, @DBrookshire complimented her sweetness, kindness, and attitude and said that seeing her on the show puts a smile on his face. Syabira took the time to thank the commenter in a reply.

Redditors also jumped online to discuss the episode. User aeliott remarked, "I know star bake doesn't mean anything for the finals, but Syabira has to be the [favorite] to win now, surely? Certainly who I'm rooting for. Poor Maxy though. She certainly had ambition this week, but it didn't work out." Another user showed sympathy because the two friends had to say goodbye to each other. Primary_Aardvark said, "I felt bad when Syabira was crying for [Maxy] at the end because it was clear even in earlier episodes that they were close."