The Truth About Maxy From Great British Bake Off Season 13

One of the best parts of any reality show or contest show is that first episode when they introduce the audience to a fresh crop of contestants. For fans of British show "The Great British Bake Off," the wait for that delicious moment won't be too long now. The show, now entering Season 13, premiered on September 13 despite the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II and will be viewable in the U.S. on Netflix a few days later on September 16, as expected (via Food & Wine & Independent). New episodes will premiere every Friday until the series finale on November 18. But if you're searching for it in your Netflix search bar, remember the show goes by a different name in North America: "The Great British Baking Show."

Fans of the series will be eager to get a sneak peek at this year's lineup. This season brings together 12 contestants from ages 18 to 60. One of those lucky 12 is 29-year-old Maxy (via "The Great British Bake Off").

Who is Maxy?

"The Great British Bake Off" contestant Maxy is a 29-year-old mother of two. Maxy started baking five years ago, following the birth of her first daughter. She wasn't always that confident about her baking, though. Despite friends and family urging her to apply, she "did not feel as if [she] was a good enough baker" (via Radio Times). The other contestants better watch out for this one's decorating skills — before earning her Master's in Architecture, the Swedish-born mum originally pursued fine art. Currently employed as an architectural assistant, Maxy is a creative through and through. She's put her spin on every possible part of her apartment, from the DIY flooring she laid herself to her artwork decorating the walls, per "The Great British Bake Off".

She says that "cakes are [her] strength."  Maxy's particularly fond of decorating with thin gold foil, which gives her glorious cakes an upscale look (per Instagram). While Maxy told Radio Times that "breads and pastries are [her] weaknesses," she's certainly no stranger to savory cooking as well. She's been known to whip up homemade fish and chips

Maxy's childhood in Sweden influence her preferred flavors: saffron and cardamom as seen in cardamom buns (or semla), one of the iconic Swedish foods to try before you die, and spicy cinnamon. According to SurreyLive, some fans have already pegged her as a front runner, with one fan saying, "calling it now, Maxy or Rebs will win." We'll just have to watch and see.