Baked By Melissa Wants You To Garnish Your Blue Moon Beer With Pies

Do you remember the restaurant Reddit roasted for serving an entire chicken with a knife sticking out of it as a garnish for a Bloody Mary? If you do, then you know that businesses can get pretty creative with drink decorations. Once in a blue moon, a beer might come with an unusual garnish, too. But in this case, it shouldn't involve a knife unless someone wants to slice a small dessert.

Anyone familiar with the Blue Moon beer brand probably knows that oranges are a pretty big part of the drinking experience it offers. According to the company's website, orange peels and coriander are baked into the formula of its Belgian-style wheat ale. Additionally, the drink is often adorned with an orange slice as a garnish. But Blue Moon is bucking tradition in a collab with Baked by Melissa, according to a press release shared with Mashed.

Baked by Melissa makes cupcakes in assorted flavors as well as macarons. While an orange-flavored cupcake might make sense as a beer garnish, the collab went in a more surprising direction. Instead of a mini cake, Baked by Melissa thinks you should garnish Blue Moon with little pies.

Baked by Melissa and brewed by Blue Moon

Baked by Melissa has made pie-inspired cupcakes for Thanksgiving, including caramel apple pie and pecan pie flavors. And we know from the company's blog that founder Melissa Ben-Ishay has recipes for some mean-looking hand pies. Baked by Melissa has also paired alcohol with dessert in a collab with Wolffer Estatesthat saw the creation of a rosé-flavored cupcake. But none of these items involved using desserts as drink decorations.

Now, however, in a collab effort dubbed Blue Moon Pie Pints, Ben-Ishay has worked with Blue Moon's brewmasters to create three mini pies to pair with different flavors of Blue Moon, per the press release received by Mashed. There's a Spiced Citrus Pumpkin Pie that includes the coriander and orange peel flavors that Blue Moon is famous for and can be paired with the brand's Belgian-style wheat ale. The Tropic Sky Pie has a custard filling made with mango and pineapple and is a match for the citrusy Light Sky flavor. The Coconut Citrus Pie is said to go well with Blue Moon's tropical-themed Moon Haze, which combines coconut and citrus flavors. Sold in three-packs, these are only available from November 7 through November 11 via the Blue Moon website. But Blue Moon will also be sharing pie recipes online.