Reddit Is Hilariously Roasting How This Restaurant Serves Chicken

Restaurants are always trying out new dishes and ways to serve food, but sometimes, their ideas might not always be what the customer expected. Reddit thinks that some trendy restaurants are overdoing it, and there's an entire subreddit called r/WeWantPlates dedicated to poking fun at restaurants that serve their food in unconventional ways. One example is a post about a full English breakfast that's served on a shovel. Another Reddior shared an image of their "bread served inside roadkill." Recently, users have taken to roasting a restaurant's decision to put a whole roast chicken on top of a Bloody Mary.

If an entire cooked chicken on a cocktail wasn't enough, the Reddit post shows a few side dishes surrounding the poultry-topped pitcher containing the drink, and it looks like there are skewers on the chicken that have bacon, cheese, and olives. Plus, an enormous knife has been stuck in the bird. As one user remarked, "Unstable mess with a knife sticking out. Good idea."

Some commenters weren't sure how to approach eating such an order. One of them wondered, "How do you order and share this without things getting gloopy and wet?" A different Redditor asked, "Is that a drink? A soup? Or a meal?" 

What are people saying about this Bloody Mary topped with chicken?

No matter what you would call this, you're probably not expecting this as your typical happy hour. Though indulging every now and then isn't a bad thing, in the past, Reddit users have also expressed distaste for overly extravagant food, and this looks like a strong candidate to make that list. The most upvoted comment on the Reddit post reads, "The whole 'topping a Bloody Mary with a charcuterie plate' trend has officially gone too far," and one of the responses says, "..that was 10 years ago. The horse is dead, they just won't stop beating it." While social media is always quick to pick up on food trends, it looks like these users would prefer simpler cocktails and drinks and want to enjoy their food separately.

Other Reddit users weren't sure that this dish would be delicious at all and pointed out that it's quite likely that nothing is really at the right temperatures. One person sarcastically wrote, "I want my chicken to be roasted, hot on top, ice chilled on the bottom, I always want it stuck with various other lukewarm accessories that lose their palatable value as they rapidly cool. Who doesn't like cold, sitting out bacon. Or lukewarm shrimp. Perfect pairing for your chilled chicken butt. Yummy"