When You Should Consider Buying Frozen Salmon Over Fresh

A delicious, heart-healthy protein that can be used in sandwiches, sushi, rice bowls, and more, salmon is among the healthiest seafood options that exist (per One Medical). Not only is it crave-worthy, but salmon also boasts a laundry list of health benefits. According to Healthline, the fatty fish is packed with Omega-3s — an essential nutrient that protects against brain and heart disease and decreases inflammation in the body. Salmon is also high in protein, B vitamins, and potassium, and can even aid in weight loss efforts. What's not to love?

Delicious as it is, selecting the perfect cut of salmon can be a daunting task. Should you go with smoked salmon or sashimi? Farm-raised or wild-caught? Another major question consumers have to ask themselves when buying salmon is: fresh or frozen? The answer feels glaringly obvious — who doesn't want the freshest ingredients possible? However, opting for frozen salmon is an excellent option that offers consumers more benefits than they may realize.

Frozen salmon lasts longer

Although "fresh fish" implies better quality, that's not always the case when it comes to salmon. Unless you're eating the fish directly off the hook, purchasing frozen or flash-frozen salmon will give you more bang for your buck. When a fish is frozen immediately after it's been caught, its flavor, texture, and nutritional value are preserved. The longer fish exists fresh rather than frozen, the faster it loses the qualities that make it so healthy and delicious (per The Better Fish). This is true for salmon as well (via Wild Alaskan Company).

According to the USDA, fresh fish only lasts for two days. Not only will you have to eat it in a hurry, but that means that fresh fish from the market is likely already near its expiration date and its nutrients, color, and texture have already warped. The USDA also says that frozen fish is safe to eat for an indefinite period of time, but is best to be used within three to eight months — a whole lot longer than 48 hours.

Unless you're consuming salmon immediately after it's been caught, purchasing frozen salmon is the best way to ensure that you're enjoying all that the fish has to offer.