Food Trucks Are Rolling Out Free Food At Voting Polls In Four Swing States

November 8 marks the midterm elections in the U.S., making it a big day for democracy as Americans exercise their right to vote. If early poll numbers in this election tell us anything, it's that many Americans are voting, and lines might be long. Per U.S. News & World Report, the data indicates that turnout records could be shattered. According to ABC 11, one Raleigh, North Carolina resident said he waited 45 minutes to cast his ballot, and in Wake County, some voters stood in line for an hour or more.

We bet that if someone is standing in a line this long, chances are that they might get a bit hungry. Will they end up craving a hot dog and considering potential stellar toppings? What about some French fries or perhaps even a taco? That's where comes in., which People calls a "nonpartisan voter engagement organization," is planning to send food trucks to polling places in key swing states that are expecting long lines, including Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin, to serve voters some free grub.

Democracy can, in fact, be delicious

" aims to make voting more joyful for all eligible voters, and providing food and drinks for people forced to wait in long voting lines is a natural extension of that work. Importantly, it's also the humane thing to do," said's CEO Andrea Hailey (via People). Per TMZ, the group also rebranded trucks and gave out food on election day in 2020, handing out between 750 and 1,050 meals, which reportedly cost the organization around $15,000

Another organization that gives out food on election day is Pizza to the Polls, a non-profit and nonpartisan charity with the motto "Democracy is Delicious." Pizza to the Polls offered free pizza to voters in over two dozen cities during the 2020 election. It has even enlisted the help of Golden State Warrior Steph Curry to encourage people to head to the polls, reports NBC Sports. According to its Instagram, it will continue to offer food at polling places this year. Per one post on the account, if people find themselves in a line for an hour or longer, they can inform the organization on Instagram, and it will send out a truck. Voting AND eating? Sounds like a way to make the wait more appetizing.