Nigella Lawson Shares Fond Memories Of Working With Anthony Bourdain Ahead Of Her Book Tour

If you've paid attention to the food world at all, then you probably remember television star, author, and culinary personality Anthony Bourdain. His death hit a lot of people very hard, and fans and celebrity chefs alike reacted with shock and sorrow. But people also didn't want the world to forget all of the wonderful things about Bourdain, like the great poetic moments on his shows. Chefs José Andrés and Éric Ripert even celebrated Bourdain's memory by creating Bourdain Day, observed every year on June 25, per Today.

Though he was probably most well known for his shows "No Reservations" and "Parts Unknown," Bourdain also occasionally judged food competition shows like "Top Chef" and went on to co-star with Nigella Lawson as a judge on the ABC cooking competition show "The Taste" for three seasons, according to Canton Rep. Lawson is currently on tour promoting her cookbook "Cook, Eat, Repeat: Ingredients, Recipes, and Stories." In an interview, she shared that after nearly a decade, she still has fond memories of getting to work with Bourdain.

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Lawson says Bourdain was extraordinarily articulate

British cookbook author and celebrity chef Nigella Lawson said of the late Anthony Bourdain, "It's not that he's a great loss to the food world — he's a great loss to the world" (via Canton Rep). Lawson admired Bourdain for his distinct voice and his "very direct and very highly charged" way of conveying his opinion. That countenance is one of the things that made Bourdain such an exciting television figure, whether he was learning about the cuisine of a new city or country, or judging someone's hamachi crudo.

Anthony Bourdain had won many awards for his storytelling powers both in front of the camera and as a writer. He was nominated for a total of 22 Emmys and won eight times. The list of accolades also includes James Beard and Critics Choice Awards (via IMDb). But even his everyday manner of speech left an impression on Lawson. She praised his "extraordinarily articulate" way of speaking, saying "every sentence was beautifully weighted ... and his every thought was so ably transmitted that one got the idea behind it, the wit in it that made you smile." Bourdain may no longer be able to share his unique and insightful worldview with us all, but at least his memory lives on in those whose lives he touched along the way.