Here's How Éric Ripert Celebrates Anthony Bourdain's Memory

A figure like Anthony Bourdain, be it in life or legacy, has had a strong impact on countless fans and friends. Two of which are chefs Éric Ripert and José Andrés. In an article by Today, the late chef's friends and colleagues recounted their love for Bourdain and what makes him so important. They also spoke of what they did after his death to honor the man they affectionately called "Tony."

In an effort to recognize Bourdain's singularity without trying to take advantage of the chef's name, Ripert and Andrés launched #BourdainDay on June 25 — the late chef's birthday. Bourdain's friends ask that fans post videos and photos toasting to Tony for the special day. The choice to celebrate Bourdain through a hashtag wasn't their sole agenda, though. The duo took what would have simply been a social media celebration of Bourdain, and all he'd given to the cooking and travel world, and made a contribution that Bourdain himself would have likely adored.

The real meaning of Bourdain Day

CNBC covered Ripert and Andrés' Bourdain Day initiative and just what it entailed. Of course, the world was happy to celebrate one of recent history's great culinary storytellers, but the pair had something more in mind. Anthony Bourdain received his diploma from the Culinary Arts Institute in 1978, so Ripert and Andrés also announced that a fundraiser would be created in Bourdain's honor. That's how the Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship came into being in 2019.

The scholarship is awarded to one or more students at CIA in order to provide them with the means to travel and study abroad. It gives a lucky student the opportunity to gain the life and culinary experience that Bourdain himself so championed. And luckily for the students who receive such a prestigious honor, the traveling even counts towards their education. CIA is accepting donations for the scholarship from those who wish to contribute. If anyone is familiar with what Anthony Bourdain preached, it's that life experience is the best education. What better way to honor him than provide future chefs an educational opportunity, Bourdain-style?